Meet Kathleen Kumar, an Amazing and Lively Transfer Student at BU

Kathleen Kumar is a sophomore at Boston University, majoring in psychology with a minor in deaf studies and speech/language and hearing. She transferred to BU spring semester of her sophomore year. In her free time, Kathleen enjoys cycling, watching Netflix, and spending time with her friends. Since she grew up in a small town outside of Boston, she has always loved the city — it only made sense that BU, located right in the center of Beantown, would become her home. However, she spent her first three semesters in college in a small institution in the heart of Boston.  Photo Credit: Kathleen Kumar

When applying to college, Kathleen thought a small college would be the best fit for her. When she got into her top choice college, she decided not to go. The college was much larger than what she was used to; she feared that being at a big school would be too much for her. She had always been at a small school; it was what she was most familiar with. Kathleen then made the decision to go to her second choice college, which was much smaller. It felt safe and comfortable to go to a college that reminded her of high school.

Kathleen spent three semesters at her college. While she did appreciate the opportunities the college offered, she knew it wasn't the right fit. After her first year, she felt unhappy and started looking into transferring. At the same time, Kathleen was considering staying at her college and studying abroad for the spring 2019 semester to get away from college for a bit. Australia was at the top of her list, mainly because she wanted to experience the warm weather and beaches that the beautiful country has to offer. However, after putting more thought into it, she came to the conclusion that studying abroad was not a good idea. Coming back to her college for two more years after going abroad was a scary thought. She did not want to return to her college and knew studying abroad would just be a distraction from how she really felt.

The summer going into her sophomore year, she knew she was going to transfer. She loved Boston, but she didn't appreciate going to a small college anymore. She explained that you can always make a big school smaller, but you can't make a small school bigger. She only ever knew a small group of people growing up her entire life and wanted to step out of her comfort zone — something she didn't have the courage to do in high school. Transferring to a bigger school was a difficult decision, but once she made the choice, she didn't look back.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Kumar

After a few months into the Spring semester, Kathleen already feels a part of the BU community. She adjusted right away and has made several friends by taking advantage of all the opportunities BU has to offer. She believes the academics are extremely challenging but make her a better student. When she is not studying or working hard in the classroom, she loves participating in fun recreational classes like rock climbing or piano. Kathleen also pushes herself in other aspects of her life and is very active. She spends her free time exercising, pedaling away in the cycling studio in Boston and taking back-to-back cycling classes. 

Photo Credit: Kathleen Kumar

Kathleen loves BU's large events that hundreds of people attend, such as Holi and Spring Fest. Going to these events is a way for her to feel closer to the BU community. She appreciates that students gather together to support a cause or celebrate a particular event.

Kathleen hopes to be a speech pathologist one day and dreams of moving to Nashville, Tennessee. She has never been there before, but she is attracted to the city's good weather and music. Although she doesn't like country music, she believes that music provides a sense of community. Kathleen says that the people in Nashville are upbeat, energetic, and lively, three words that perfectly describe who she is as a person. No matter where she goes, Kathleen always throws herself into unfamiliar situations and manages to make the most out of any experience.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Kumar

In the future, Kathleen hopes to achieve her dream to travel to Australia. Although she doesn't have time to study abroad before graduation, she knows she is much happier at BU than if she made the decision to study abroad at her previous college. Kathleen also says that she doesn't mind the big size of BU. She explains that when you walk around, she doesn't know anyone, but she likes being, "one in the crowd."

As a transfer student, it can be hard to adjust to a new environment. Despite this, Kathleen manages to keep going with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She loves BU and is sad her sophomore year is already coming to an end!


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