K-Pop Idols — Right Here On BU 's Campus!

Korean pop, an emerging music trend. If you haven’t heard of BTS, you’ve probably been living under a rock. This Korean boy band ranked number one on the Billboard Social 50 chart in 2016, won the Top Social artist award at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017, got invited to give a speech at the UN in 2018, and was even nominated for a Grammy this year! This unstoppable K-pop group is becoming more and more popular each year, and I can’t wait to see what the year 2019 has in store for them!

BTS at the Grammy Awards 2019.

Image Source: https://people.com/music/grammys-2019-bts-attend-dream-come-true/

And it’s not just BTS. Many K-pop groups well-known in Korea are entering the American market: NCT 127 was invited to the red carpets for the 2018 American Music Awards, BLACKPINK performed on Good Morning America in the beginning of this year, and many more K-pop groups have been breaking records here and there.

NCT 127 at the red carpets for 2018 American Music Awards.

Image Source: https://www.eonline.com/news/975399/k-pop-band-nct-127-makes-their-2018-american-music-awards-red-carpet-debut

BLACKPINK on Good Morning America.

Image Source: https://celebmafia.com/blackpink-appeared-on-good-morning-america-02-12-2019-1839794/

Korean music has certainly built up a strong fan base in America, and many people are buying tickets to go around the country to attend one of their concerts. However, K-pop also exists on a local level, right on the Boston University campus!

miXx, a diverse group of Boston University students who are linked together by their love of Korean music. Each student is a talented individual, and they work together to create a dance cover of their favorite K-pop groups. So far, they have already covered songs by BTS, NCT, GOT7, BLACKPINK, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, and many more. Each cover holds a catchy, upbeat, yet unique rhythm. They all have complex, strong, and beautiful dance moves. However, they are all similar in that all the dance covers by miXx reflect on a vibrant Korean culture, and carry an appreciation for the energy and beauty that comes with K-pop.

Snapshots from miXx dance covers. All four images taken from their web-page: https://www.bumixx.com/photos.html


To support, or perhaps even join this group of passionate students and share Korea’s music culture, you can contact them and learn more about them through their website: https://www.bumixx.com/


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