How Shane Dawson Is Changing Youtube

Shane Dawson, along with a handful of others, is an OG YouTuber that has survived the ever-changing interests of the internet. After a few different phases of content creation, Dawson has finally found his place in creating full-fledged docuseries about other internet figures. It all started when Dawson created his Conspiracy Theories YouTube series which included long-form videos of pop culture and other conspiracies.

His most recent series, “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” amassed more than 10,000 views per video. Jeffree Star, another YouTube celebrity, owns his own cosmetics line and has found himself in the middle of internet scandals in the past year. There’s no denying the duo is entertaining, and their polarized lifestyles (Jeffree has closets full of designer products, while Shane wears the same t-shirts every day) come together to form an interesting friendship.

Any long-time fans of Shane Dawson can tell you that his current videos could not be any more different from his early days as a YouTuber. His viral character, Shanaynay, clearly played on black stereotypes and did not age well at all. His early content was all about pushing the envelope, which a lot of comedians find themselves in hot water for, as the internet makes it easier than ever to find dirt on celebrities. 

So, how has Shane Dawson not been canceled by the internet yet? For one, many fans admire his honesty and sincerity about being an internet celebrity, which is hard to find. Shane is candid about his mental health, body image issues, and sexual orientation. Another reason is that Shane Dawson has continuously improved. A few years ago, his most popular video series included him microwaving random objects. It completely lacked passion. Now, his videos show the lives of people within the YouTube community, giving them a platform to share their truth. 

Shane Dawson is one of Youtube’s most-watched figures, and it doesn’t look like he plans to stop anytime soon.

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