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Crochet the Day Away (You Won’t Regret It!)

Let me set the scene for you: It’s a quiet fall night, you put on one of your comfort TV shows like New Girl or The Great British Baking Show, and you’re looking for something to do while you watch. Enter crocheting. Crocheting has become my new favorite hobby. It’s relaxing, fairly easy, and fun!  

During the summer, I was looking for a little crafting hobby that was simple and didn’t take too many supplies. Crocheting had become super popular on TikTok, and I figured I would give it a try. When I started, I was super intimidated. On Pinterest, the pieces people were making seemed so complicated, and the coordination required didn’t really come easy to me. However, I kept trying and, with the help of my aunt, made a scarf. 

Once I got the hang of it, the process became super relaxing and the perfect activity to do while I watched TV or listened to music. I’ve always found arts and crafts to be really beneficial to my mental health. Plus, they are fun ways to express creativity. 

However, they can be really time-consuming and take up a lot of supplies and space. Also, when I finished other projects, I sometimes found myself wondering what I should do with them. What’s great about crocheting is that it is fairly easy to learn, you can start and stop in the middle of projects and come back to them later, and you get a useful finished product in the end. 

With the holiday season quickly approaching, I’ve realized how valuable crocheting can be. Currently, I’m making potholders for my grandparents. Crochet projects like scarves, potholders, and blankets (if you’re feeling ambitious) make great gifts. You can customize them to whatever style you want and pick colors you know someone will like. Plus, you get to have fun in the process of getting ready for the holidays!

I’m definitely still a beginner. There are a lot more stitches that I can learn and a lot of projects I have yet to try. But that’s another thing I love about crocheting: there is a world of possibilities of what you can create. There are so many different types of yarn, patterns, and stitches to play with to craft unique pieces. I feel like crochet items have become really trendy, and by learning to crochet, you can customize the trend to your style. 

I seriously can’t recommend crocheting enough! I love it so much, and it’s such a good way to relax and try something new. Happy crafting!

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Sarah is a freshman at Boston University studying Film and Television in the College of Communication. She is originally from just outside Baltimore, Maryland. She enjoys working on craft projects and watching TV, and she is so excited to be writing for Her Campus BU!
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