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On Feb. 11, The Greeting Committee came to The Red Room at Cafe 939 on their U.S. tour. The band, an indie rock band hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, my hometown, released their sophomore album “Dandelion” in late 2021 which received high praise from several websites and blogs. Their performance in Boston was their sixth out of 20, ending in their home city in early April.

The Red Room is an intimate venue connected to Cafe 939 near Newbury Street. The performance was seated, which contradicted the band’s upbeat and energetic sound that commanded audiences to dance. Though, the band did an atypical performance in response. 

But, before the band performed, they had an opener called The Brazen Youth. From the east coast, The Brazen Youth was a pleasant surprise— their music embodied nostalgia and longing with their mellow guitars and beautiful use of their keyboard. Some of their tracks took more creative turns, showing their versatility and talent. My favorite tracks from their set were “Hometown,” “Burn Slowly/I Love You,” and “Center of Gravity.” I’m excited to see what they produce next.

About 20 minutes later, The Greeting Committee came on stage, an eruption of applause and cheers following. Before playing, lead singer Addison Sartino announced a change of plans in the night’s show. Instead of doing a traditional show, she said, we’re going to be taking your song suggestions and answering questions. Since the venue and attendance was small, they wanted the experience to be personal, which I was a fan of. 

Their first song was one of their sadder ballads, “Elise,” which beautifully transitioned to Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” in the middle. Some highlights from the show were a fan shouting ‘1, 2, 3, 4!’ during a silent break in the band’s track “Hands Down,” the lead guitarist Brandon Yangmi funnily ad libbing a part in the song “Make Out,” and Sartino standing on one of the empty chairs in the audience during “Is This It?” and taking a member’s Girl Scout cookies.

Overall, the concert was a one-of-a-kind experience that I will remember fondly. Though it would have been fun to jump and dance for a couple of hours, I don’t think I would trade that performance for anything else. During one of the Q & A portions of the show, one audience member asked what their goal is as a band, and they replied that they would love to sell out The Midland Theater in KCMO.

I hope they achieve that in the future, and that I can see them there.

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