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Become a Master Multitasker During Finals Week

Finals are approaching fast, meaning that many college students are entering panic mode and worrying that there can’t possibly be enough hours in a day to finish everything that they need to get done. So in order to (hopefully) ease some of that stress, I’ve put together a few bits of advice that show how it’s possible to have a social life and still ace your exams! 

1. Check it Off

I can’t overstate the importance of keeping a checklist when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with having a ton of projects, papers, and tests to work on. Just getting all the responsibilities out on paper instantly helps me feel like I’ve got things more under control. I recommended keeping tracking of all your assignments this way to avoid that awful feeling of suddenly realizing you forgot to turn in an essay on the morning that it’s due. Plus, getting to cross out more and more items as the week goes by is totally rewarding. 

2. Body & Brain Workout

Even though you may want to lie in bed for hours while paging through notes, it’s important to remember to stay healthy and get moving. Exercise is proven to both stimulate the mind and increase feelings of positivity that are essential during such a high-stress time. Why not get the best of both worlds by bringing some notecards or review packets and propping them up on a treadmill elliptical to learn while you burn. 

3. Spa Study Session

Who says that you can’t pamper yourself while still being productive? Set aside time for some personal beauty treatments and relaxing rituals in order to instantly feel more calm and confident. I recommend a deep conditioning mask or hot oil treatment which usually require about half an hour to soak into your hair before rinsing, allowing some time to get work done while still maintaining the illusion of taking a break.

4. Tune in While You Clean

Since finals week is the week before winter break, we have to remember to pack our suitcases and tidy up the dorm room before heading for home. Although this may seem like a boring chore that gets in the way of important reviewing time, it’s still a necessity that you won’t want to leave till the last minute. So to maximize your productivity, I recommend recording your notes on a phone or iPod and playing them in the background as you pack and organize. Bonus: reading all the material out loud while you record is another awesome way to memorize everything!

5. Sneak in Readings

One super helpful way to feel less overwhelmed by the sheer amount of material you need to get through is to break up the amount of pages you read into smaller chunks throughout the day. A great way to do this is to read during your twenty-minute train ride or while waiting for your friends to meet you at a coffee shop. Basically, replace any moments where you’d pull out your phone to kill time by pulling out a textbook instead. This more sporadic method makes the studying feel a lot less tedious than waiting till you get back to your dorm room to start going through everything.

So in the next week remember to plan wisely, stress less, and, most importantly, remember that you can get through this! 

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