The 5 Secrets You Need to Know to Avoid Acne

You’re out of adolescence. You’re done going through puberty. You’re in college now! Acne shouldn’t be a problem now, right? WRONG.

Even though most people experience acne in their teenage years, you can experience acne at any age. For college students, acne can be especially daunting. Acne can lead to insecurities due to the prospects of friends, jobs, and romance. You may even start to get acne in college from the constant stress of assignments and tests.

If you’ve suffered from acne for a while, you’ve probably already found the best face wash, moisturizer, spot treatment, etc. However, sometimes the solution lies in the simplest tricks. Here are the 5 secrets everyone needs to know to prevent acne:


1. Remove your makeup before you shower.

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You must take off your makeup before showering. This is not a debate. You may think it’s acceptable to rinse your face underneath the shower head, but the hot steam opens up your pores. You definitely do not want your dirty, crusty, day-old makeup clogging your pores, creating even more pimples for your concealer to cover.


2. Take your makeup off TWICE.

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Use your typical makeup wipe, THEN use micellar water. This extra step in your skincare routine will make all the difference. Using both wipes and this cleanser is a more thorough technique. You may think your makeup wipe is removing everything, but you’ll never believe how much dirt and makeup you leave on your face until you use micellar water. All that leftover grime contributes to acne, but it doesn’t have to.


3. Splash cold water on your face after showering.

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Do you remember how earlier we talked about the hot shower steam opening up your pores, giving way to more acne? Well, it’s important that you close those pores up so there’s less of a chance of that happening. You can do this by either turning the shower to cold when you’re about to get out and splashing water on your face, or by doing the same with water from the sink. Just make sure the water is freezing cold. You’ll start to feel your pores tighten right up.


4. Keep your hands and hair off your face.

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This might sound simple, but you often don’t even realize you’re holding up your head with your grimy hands or letting your oily hair fall onto your face. This tip requires you to be very conscious of yourself, but it pays off.


5. Talk to a dermatologist.

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Everyone’s skin is different, and the root of everyone’s acne can be different as well. If your own research isn’t working, find a dermatologist. They can then help you decide which topical treatments and medications are best for your skin.


The key to remember about all these tricks -- and about any acne treatment -- is that changing your skin takes time. Unfortunately, all of your acne isn’t going to disappear overnight. If curing acne was that simple, everyone would have perfect skin. Be patient and give these secrets a chance.


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