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5 Movies that Will Leave You Thinking WTF

Anyone who has ever tried deciding on a movie with friends knows it isn’t easy. Either it seems too cliche and uninteresting, or someone says, “I’ve already seen it.” Point is, finding new, entertaining and unique movies is hard work. 

So, I propose the following five movies as the perfect solution in order of least to most weird. They are wild and thoroughly enjoyable after every watch because you will always discover something crazy and new. And of course – without a doubt – you will stare at the end credits thinking “What the actual–”!

Sorry to Bother You

When I first watched the trailer for this movie, it seemed like a fun satire on the telemarketing industry. A promising Cassius “Cash” Green (Lakeith Stanfield) gets hired as a telemarketer for RegalView where he very quickly gets promoted to the exclusive, high-paying position of Power Caller. This is where the movie takes a jaw-dropping turn. If you’re interested in surreal twists or Armie Hammer as a power-hungry CEO, this will be a shocking must watch.


Midsommar takes a haunting twist on Swedish tradition in this chaotic horror movie about a nordic cult. The movie follows graduate students Dani (Florence Pugh), her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor), and his friends as they discover the cult’s chilling, ritualistic practices. Writer and director Ari Aster is known for his authentic explorations of grief, so beware of the heart wrenching and graphic opening scene. Some of the visuals in the movie are so disturbing and “WTF” worthy that you will want to laugh and cry.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

If you’re not into horror, Spy Kids 3 is a great WTF nostalgia trip. This movie has everything you’d ask for in the sci-fi kids genre: poor CGI, memorable one-liners, and a random assortment of your favorite B list celebrities like Salma Hayek, Sylvester Stallone, and Elijah Wood. The plot is absolute nonsense and with a little bit of alcohol, you will be laughing non-stop the whole time in complete and utter confusion.


Hereditary is another Ari Aster flick that similarly explores themes of family and grief. Toni Collette gives a memorable performance as Annie, a woman who has to cope with the loss of her estranged mother. The plot to Hereditary is less “WTF” than Midsommar, but certain scenes in this movie are far more shocking and sudden that I had to rank this higher. With brilliant pacing and unmatched staging and blocking, each twist will leave you paralyzed.


To finish off this list, I bring to you, mother! I left the movie theater thinking this was the best and worst film I had ever seen, and everyone I’ve forced to watch it feels the same way. In fact, it was so polarizing that it has a 68 percent Rotten Tomatoes score since the reviews are either extreme love or extreme hate. It is a confusing, chaotic mess that I recommend you do no research on before watching. 

Jennifer Lawrence strays away from her typical strong-female-lead character and plays a submissive wife to Javier Bardem – a poet with severe writer’s block. They live happily in the middle of nowhere, until one day a man comes knocking. That’s as much information as I can give to not spoil the insane experience you’ll have. This will be unlike any movie experience you have ever had; which is to say, I guarantee you will be shook.

If you’ve been stuck endlessly scrolling through movies on Netflix, pick one of these five movies for a fun surprise. No matter which you go with, you will definitely be spicing up your viewing experience. Take my word for it.

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Alexia is an NYC native who likes to wind down by watching fashion video essays, film reviews, and political commentators debate.
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