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12 Reasons Why Samantha Jones is the Best Character on Sex and the City

Samantha Jones: hilarious, out-spoken, and a whole lotta woman. We all know Samantha is the best character on our beloved Sex and the City. Carrie is whiny (we get it, you love Big), and Charlotte’s only goal is to become a pregnant housewife. Miranda is equally as candid and sassy, but no one can make us laugh quite like our girl Samantha. Keep reading for a list that we compiled of reasons why we all love this promiscuous diva.

1. She has a solid belief system

2. She’s confident

3. She’s tough

4. She offers up the simplest of solutions

5. She’s always honest

6. She’s known to be rational

7. She’s a strong independent woman

8. She beat cancer like a boss:

9. She can’t be bothered to mask her emotions

10. She dated the hottest guy on the show

11. She genuinely just doesn’t care about anything

12. And she can be a lady when she needs to

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