10 Reasons Why November is the Best Month

What happened to fall weather? On September 22nd in Boston, the official first day of fall, it felt like anything but. During October, Boston University students were still wearing t-shirts and shorts with no issue. Then, the end of October came around, signifying the middle of the semester and suddenly, November is here. November is my favorite month of the year and here are the top ten reasons why:


1. The fashion

First, let’s talk about the fashion in November. Now the days are shorter and colder. People are wearing comfy sweaters, high socks, and scarves. There is nothing better than going to class in a cute outfit that feels like pajamas. My favorite place for fall fashion is Urban Outfitters; they have the most amazing oversized sweaters.


2. Falling leaves

Who doesn’t love the picturesque nature scenes autumn provides? All the leaves start to change color and fall to the ground, giving Earth splashes of red, orange, and brown. The crunching of leaves while you take a walk is mesmerizing as you reminisce about your childhood. Remember jumping into a pile of raked up leaves? Or seeing who could find the crunchiest leaf to step on? Those were the best days. 


3. Pumpkins are still around

Even though many start thinking about Christmas in November, Halloween is still on people’s minds. There are still spooky movies on TV, Halloween decorations are still out, most candy is on sale November 1st, and best of all, pumpkins are still around. There are still jack-o-lanterns around to add to the fall vibes, and pumpkin flavored everything is still in stores!


4. You have a routine

It's been two months since everyone has returned to college. No matter what year you're in or how much experience you have, college is hectic during September and October. But, when November hits everyone has a routine. Students get used to their schedules, most midterms are over, and most students have a group of people to get dinner with. Your friend group gets closer and college starts to feel like a family.


5. It's the season of family

November marks the beginning of the best season of the year. In such a hectic time, most families try to get together and celebrate with each other, whether it's Thanksgiving or just someone's birthday. The holidays often bring out the best and the worst in loved ones, but just remember they love you.


6. Thanksgiving

Ah, the holiday of showing what we're thankful for. Growing up I never really appreciated this holiday but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen how magnificent it is. Not only do you get to eat a whole lot of food, watch a parade and see some football, but you also get to be with family. Whether it's with thirty family members or two, there is nothing better than a home-cooked meal and quality time with your loved ones.


7. Black Friday

Shopping! Who doesn’t love shopping?! Black Friday offers some great deals in stores all over America and online. Nothing is better than shopping during a sale. It’s also fun to hear about the crazy shoppers that come out on Black Friday ready to fight for a pair of shoes at 3 in the morning. 


8. Cyber Monday

If shopping at a mall isn’t your thing or they didn't have what you wanted on sale online, then Cyber Monday is a better way to find new deals. The Monday after Thanksgiving, most retailers have amazing sales online as well as in stores. Shopping from the comfort of your home never felt so good. Some sales will really make your jaw drop and your wallet happy.


9. Christmas lights start coming out

November is also the month that many people start putting away their Halloween decor and begin getting into the Christmas spirit! Many families and towns start putting Christmas lights and trees up during November. Get ready for some amazing light shows around Boston! November 29th marks the beginning of Faneuil Hall’s Light show titled Blink!


10. Winter is Coming

Last but not least, at the end of November, winter starts to roll around. Everyone gets out their winter jackets because the snow is about to start falling! November is the perfect transition period into brutally cold nights and hot chocolate instead of pumpkin spice lattes. Winter is coming!


There you have it: the ten reasons November is the best month of the year. There is just something about the November air that makes it better than any other month. The smell of crisp, fresh air and love is all around during November. I hope you all have an amazing month!