Finals Motivation: If You're Not Proud, You're Doing it Wrong

If you’re not proud of your work, you’re doing it wrong.

Finals week sucks.  Tests are stressful and studying is excruciatingly tedious.  Papers are hard because you have to either care or pretend to care enough to make it look like you know what you’re talking about.  Presentations make you sweat, and group projects are, by definition, a logistical nightmare. The weather is probably getting warm, and all you can think about it going home for the summer.

It might be easy to calculate what grade you need on a final in order to score a B in the class, but stop fooling yourself – you can do better.  We get it, you’re burnt out and want a break, a nap, and to never take an accounting class again.  But ultimately, finals are only a few more weeks; push through and the reward is so worth it. 


Getting a good grade is obviously an accomplishment, but that should not be the only motivation to excel this week. Do it for you. Do it because you CAN and because you want to prove it to anyone who will listen.  Hopefully, you are taking at least one class that interests you in some way; use this last opportunity to show all that you have learned, and maybe even gain more knowledge for your future in the subject.  Whether it be by studying extra hard for the class the introduces you to your major, or writing a paper so bomb you consider turning it into a capstone, make the best out of this last stab at education for a few months.

If you have made it this far, there has to be at least a small shred of you left that enjoys learning.  Do not take that for granted!  While college is more than just hitting the books, educating yourself is empowering and rewarding, and will make you an overall better person, we promise.  Producing sub-par work that you’re embarrassed to turn in is not only a waste of money (tuition is expensive, make the most out of your experience), but is not representative of your true talents.  

Take pride in your work.  Finish a paper and feel the need to call and tell your mom because it is just THAT good.  Hand it in with a smile, and thank your professor for a good semester.  For one, this is major brownie points, for another, it is hopefully true, and teachers deserve recognition.  Prepare for a test productively so that once you take it, you feel such a weight lifted off of your shoulders that you warrant a much-needed break. 

You’re only here for a few years.  College is such a small part of the grand-scheme of life, so please make the most of it. 

Good luck on finals, everyone, and remember: you will perform as well as you want to.