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Emotional Stages Of A Bad Haircut

We’ve all been there. Every girl has wanted to try stylish layers or bold highlights, and instead ended up with awkward bangs or disastrous streaks. Naturally, this is going to result in some seriously dangerous mood swings, so just remember- you’re not alone… And hair always grows back!

1) Denial 

Hey, maybe this new haircut actually looks kind of cool, and it works well with my face shape. I heard choppy, straight across bangs are coming back anyways. It’s the new me! It’s so chic… and fabulous, right…?

2) Panic

Oh. My. God. What have I DONE?!! I am a frizzy, tangled mess with zebra-stripe highlights. No one’s even going to recognize me. I LOOK LIKE A BOY. The world is surely going to end all because of me and my bad haircut.

3) Self-pity 

Can you believe my hairdresser would do this to me?!  It’s like some sort of cruel joke. I can’t leave my room, I can’t go to class, and I definitely can’t go to any parties—I’m like a prisoner all because of my hair! All I can do is sadly stare at my new afro in the mirror for hours on end… And yes, flowers and chocolate might help. However, the keyword there is might.

4) Pleading

HELP!  Someone, anyone—I need a time machine, wig, magician, divine intervention…all of the above?  PLEASE.

5) Humiliation 

Maybe two weeks wasn’t enough time for this haircut to grow out. Everyone’s looking at me like I have two heads. I guess I’ll just hide under baseball caps for the rest of the semester.

6) Acceptance 

You know what? I think I’m finally used to my new haircut.  It might not be my best, but I’m going to WORK this new look.

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