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The Dos and Don’ts of Visiting a Haunted House

It’s that time of year! The leaves are beginning to achieve that beautiful shade of auburn, it’s getting to be a little bit chilly, and your friends are begging you to go pumpkin picking with them. Come October everything gets a little bit darker and a little bit creepier. It is this eerie feeling of fear that creates the perfect atmosphere for, you guessed it, a Haunted Attraction!

There’s no better way to leap into the Halloween season than to take a stroll through a creepy forest where around every corner is a new ghost or ghoul looking to scare the absolute cr@p out of you. This has become a favorite pastime for us at Her Campus, and we have had our share of ups and downs all in order to compile a list of Dos and Don’ts so you don’t make the same mistakes as us.

DON’T: Dress to Impress.

Oh dearest, most fashionable darlings, please do not wear your nicest fur boots. Do not wear that white cashmere sweater that cost you two paychecks. By god, do not wear anything with a heel. You will be running through the mucky woods being chased after monsters caked in layers of special effects makeup and fake blood. The chance of getting some of the scenery on your clothes is highly likely, especially in attractions that like to make you crawl, climb, and squeeze through small spaces. Is that one compliment you may or may not receive really worth destroying your nice clothing? We think not.

DO: Dress for the Occasion

October nights get much colder than we’d like to believe so layer up! We suggest a long sleeve t shirt and one of your old beat up hoodies with a sweet pair of worn in sneakers or heavy duty boots that can withstand a trek (or fast paced jog) through the woods. And if you know your body is terrible at withstanding the cold, gloves, a scarf, and a hat are a must. If going on a date we’re sure that hottie will appreciate your practicality, and if he doesn’t then definitely offer him up to one of the ghouls when you get a chance.

DON’T: Drink too Much

If you know for sure (or multiple sources have told you) that every time you get drunk you cry about your ex, it is probably not the best move to potentially ruin your night by having one too many and becoming an emotional wreck and burden to your friends. Plus, don’t you want to be able to run away from the crazies? Stumbling away isn’t an effective evasive maneuver.

DO: Drink within Reason

It’s perfectly fine to have a drink or two to help calm the nerves. We aren’t judging, just watching out to make sure you make it out on your own two feet, not being dragged by your friends.

DON’T: Be a baby

Girl, using your significant other as a shield makes you look weak. You are strong. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are unstoppable. Don’t hide behind others! Trust us, the ghosts can sense your fear. If you make it apparent you’re about to pee your pants, they will go for you because you are the easy scare. Don’t be the easy scare. You lose all the fun if you’re the only one getting scared!

DO: Be a boss lady

Yes, girl! Lead your group to safety! Guide them through the creepy hallways and move the spider webs! You will look bad ass and we’re sure any date would find your bravery attractive.

DON’T: Take pictures as you walk through

We get that you have a snapstreak with Jake from the football team, and yes he is extremely cute, but you cannot take pictures within haunted attractions. There are a number of privacy issues that arise and it’s rude to the ghouls, what if you get their bad side??? Be respectful and live in the moment! Jake can wait an hour for you to respond and there are places for you to take pictures with some very special monsters, so just be patient!

DO: Post about your experiences!

Ghouls and monsters love social media just as much as you do! They love the added attention and enjoy the possibility of more people to scare! Plus, that bloody clown or mysterious witch will totes give you social media street cred.

DON’T: Touch the actors/ be rude

If you don’t want to be touched by a ghoul, don’t touch the ghouls in the first place. The occasional accidental bump is completely fine, but please don’t not go all long lost great aunt, touching the monsters in unspeakable and weird ways. Believe us, even the ghouls have rights. Also, you wonderful ladies are paying to be frightened and terrified, so there is no reason to be mean to the monsters that are just doing their jobs. Monsters have feelings too.

DO: Have a good time!

Don’t worry about the fact you just totally let out an awkward and extremely loud scream. That’s all apart of having a good time! Your friends will get their karma and it will be absolutely hysterical.

Bryant University 2020, Biology major on the premed track. Just a girl who's slightly obsessed with chicken nuggets and sarcasm.
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