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Q: What have you been doing for your gap year?

A: I have been working on my internship with a sales force consulting firm. I have just been working on their finance and operations team as an intern. That’s full time, so 40 hours a week. I’ve also been doing a bit of research with this organization called the Wolverine Foundation, and they’re working on finding the cure for a specific genetic mutation. 

I’ve also been living with a few of my friends. At first I lived in California for a little bit, and then I went home, and then I went to Yale and saw some of my friends that had stayed there. 

Q: What have you learned so far? 

A: It’s been really cool to take this gap year just because I feel like I’ve been able to learn a lot that I wasn’t able to learn when I was at school. For example, having a full time job and having to budget has been a lesson within itself. 

Also, having to wake up and do the same or similar things every day for work and just having to meet with the same people every day, and just seeing what the real world is like has been really cool and interesting. I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to see how people interact with each other in the workforce. 

Q: Why did you decide to take a gap year? 

A: I mostly decided to take a gap year because I’ve always been interested in exploring different things and I thought this would be the perfect time to do that because of COVID. It was also because I really valued my in-person experience at Yale. I wanted to preserve the rest of the three years that I had as much as possible so taking a gap year made the most sense. 

Actually, in my class of around 1500 kids, over 300 of us decided to take time off or at least take a gap semester. That made my decision easier. 

Q: Why did you join Her Campus Yale? 

A: I joined Her Campus because I heard about it from a friend. I went to an intro meeting and thought it was really cool because I like to read buzzfeed-type articles. I liked how a lot of our articles were geared towards our experiences specifically at Yale as females. I’m not super big into writing, which is why I signed up to help them budget and things like that as their Treasurer. I have gotten to write one article so far, and I’m excited to do another one. 

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In my spare time I enjoy volunteering in the community, trying new foods, and reading across different genres. At Brown, I study International and Public Affairs.
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