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This October 15th-17th is the infamous Family Weekend at Brown. I love Family Weekend and am excited for its return after last year’s hiatus. It’s a great time to reunite with loved ones and show off the campus you call home for four years. However, for many this weekend might be daunting as you stress over where to go and what to do. If you are at a loss, don’t fret! Here some fun ideas for a day of activities: 

Saturday morning, you wake up and it’s a beautiful day. Let’s get outside and be active! 

First stop? Blackstone Boulevard

This 1.5 mile path is a scenic park route in the middle of the city. Walk down the middle lane with your guests and enjoy the fresh air. Once you reach the top, take a stop at Three Sisters and get an iced coffee (or if you are feeling spontaneous, a delicious scoop of ice cream) to enjoy on your walk back. 

Next Stop? Breakfast! Time to get a good brunch before a full day, so let’s go to Amy’s Place on Wickenden. To avoid the crowd of people, make sure you pre-order your go to breakfast sandwich (the ‘hash it out’ is my personal favorite) or walk in for a to-go smoothie. Either way, Amy’s is a cute spot to grab some food. 

At 12:30 it’s time to put on your favorite Brown Merchandise and head to the football stadium. Brown plays Princeton at home this weekend, so get ready to show some much needed school spirit. 

After some time at the game, head to the Blue Room on the Main Green and grab a sandwich, salad, or muffin. Take your food of choice to go and hang out with your family on the Main Green, which will no doubt be full of life and energy. Activities will be all around so go enjoy whichever  you like best. Or, just sit down and hang out with your loved ones on the grass. 

After a little break, go enjoy some dinner with family. Maybe you want to cook a nice meal at home with you and all your roommates. Or, if you’re living in a dorm, take your guests to Tea in Sahara– a local Moroccan-inspired cafe with family-style food and an enjoyable ambiance. Just a short walk off campus, it’s a perfect spot to end the night over good food and even better conversation.

Hollie is a junior from NYC studying Political Science and Art History.
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