8 Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

College can be hard, especially in the few weeks leading up to finals, which also happen to be the weeks leading up to the holiday season. While it may seem like a waste of precious studying time, relaxing and taking well-earned breaks can actually help you be more productive. So grab a blanket, snuggle up, and read on for movies to get you in the holiday spirit and offer you a break from studying.


Love, Actually



Watch this if you: like movies with multiple storylines.

It is a really sweet rom-com that details the lives of 10 groups of people, the majority of whom  are connected in some way.




Watch this if you: want to be quoting Will Ferrell for the rest of your life.

If you haven’t heard of Elf, wyd? This movie makes your holiday diet easy by clearly articulating the four main food groups (aka the only ones you need in your life): candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup!


It’s a Wonderful Life


Watch this if you: want to cry your eyes out.

My family watches this every year on Christmas Eve and I cry every. single. time. It is a great story about not taking what we have for granted and each individual’s impact on the world. Though it is in  black and white, it’s worth it, trust me!


Holiday Inn


Watch this if you: like dancing!

It is about a guy who starts his own inn that is only open for the holidays (pretty self explanatory) with confessions of love, mistaken identity, and shenanigans along the way.


Home Alone


Watch this if you: like heartwarming family stories about the true meaning of Christmas.

It contains so many great lines and scenes. Bonus points to those who booby trap their house. If you can’t do that, well then, I guess you’re what the French call “les incompétents.”


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


Watch this if you: want to feel like a child again.

No explanation required. This is a classic.


The Grinch



Watch this if you: love a progressive green antagonist.

Politically engaged students will find value in this social critique, as the movie literally centers around the dismantling of a corrupt capitalist institution.


The Polar Express



Watch this if you: aren’t bothered by the uncanny valley.

Why miss an opportunity to hear Tom Hanks voice the train conductor? And who can forget the iconic song “Hot Chocolate”?


Now choose a movie, get cozy, and start watching. Winter break will be here before you know it!