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Working from Home? Online University? – This is how you make your room into a productive space.

Feeling like all you do all day is sit in your room? Finding it hard to distinguish zoom meetings from Netflix? Here’s your step-by-step guide to making your room feel like a more productive workspace


1. Don’t do anything other then work from your desk.

If, mentally, you try and establish your desk as the place that you work- and do nothing else (no film-watching, no phone-scrolling, no leisurely lunch-eating) you are much more likely to get down to the tasks at hand. Associate this space with work and work only, like a library or an office desk, and you are much less likely to get distracted.


2. Try and create another area of your room where you can also work

        Feeling like you spend all day in the same place? Making another area in your room which you equally associate with work can help with this: somewhere to move to when you feel like you’ve been sat in the same position all morning. It’s also a chance to get creative? Comfy pillows against the wall, a blanket and a tray? A beanbag or armchair with your laptop on your lap?


3. The bed is for sleeping and Netflix-only

We’ve all heard the ‘don’t work on your bed or you’ll end up napping rule’ before but in quarantine it’s even more important. Spending all day on your bed is likely to make you bored and sluggish before you’ve even ticked off half the things on your to-do list. Save it for the evenings when the zoom meetings and the readings are all done and you can really let the relaxation set in.


4. Anywhere else in the house you can work? Try and change it up!

This one’s for when the lockdown restlessness really kicks in. If at home maybe try spending part of the day working in your living room, dining table, even bathroom floor if your feeling really experimental. In uni halls you could always try working in the corridor, albeit not for long periods of the time, but still it would change up the scenery!


5. And finally, make sure you’re still moving!

Try and do a few stretches between tasks, or maybe even invest in a yoga mat. Usually, you’d be speed-walking between classes or running off to the library so and try and bring back some movement to your zoom-uni days. Just a few quick back stretches an hour is enough to make you feel like your not just sitting and lying down all day.

Nina Clark

Bristol '23

Heya, I'm Nina, an English Lit student at the Uni of Bristol
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