Spotlight on UBU Elections: Equality, Liberation and Access!

Today's spotlight falls to the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer, for which we have two candidates running head to head!

Here's what the role entails:

The Equality, Liberation and Access Officer leads on ensuring that all students’ voices are represented within the Union and University and leads on eliminating all barriers and forms of discrimination. They support liberation groups, faith and cultural societies and also work with the University on their widening participation strategy.

Specifically, the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer:

  • Supports liberation societies, forums and the relevant Part-time Officers (LGBT+, Black and Minority Ethnic, Women and Disabled Students’ Officers).
  • Supports cultural and faith societies and attends the Multifaith Forum.
  • Supports students on issues relating to the UBU Equality Policy and oversees UBU’s equality objectives.
  • Works with the Sport and Student Development and Union Affairs Officers to support campaigns, activities and research into diverse student experiences to ensure any barriers to participation are removed and to ensure that Union and University activities and facilities are affordable and accessible to all students.
  • Works with the other Elected Officers to ensure that all students, particularly under-represented or minority groups, are represented on issues related to their experience at the University and that their interests are addressed in the development of Union and University policies.
  • Works with the University on their widening participation agenda and contributes to the drafting of the Access Agreement

Let's find out more about the candidates...

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