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Introducing Her Campus at Delhi South

Her Campus at Delhi South is diverse, inclusive, and raring to go. A family of opinionated young people ready to make their mark in the world, we are incredibly excited to share aspects of our lovely community with you. Join us on this journey through our chapter and we hope as you read you can feel the passion that fuels our team here in India!


Who is your campus correspondent? 

Our Campus Correspondent is Vaishnavi Kalia. She has been working with HC Delhi South since its inception. When asked about her initial days as a CC here’s what she had to say!

If I’m being completely honest, when I was appointed as Campus Correspondent, I truly had no idea what to expect. It was unknown territory and a field that I had no prior experience in, but one thing was certain – the excitement that raced through me! I have been fortunate enough to interact with buzzing minds that opened my eyes to the potential of our generation, and these brilliant minds are what make my time here so special.


What year are you in and what do you study?

I am currently in my second year. My course is officially titled Bachelor of Arts – English Honours. What this essentially means is that I am majoring in English. Since we also have to pick another subject to study, my minor is in Psychology. Even though we’re attending all our classes from home and I haven’t been to campus in ages, I’m really enjoying my papers this semester. (It’s probably because I get to study Pride and Prejudice!)


How big is your committee and your chapter size?

HC at Delhi South is a gold-level chapter based out of the South Campus of Delhi University (DU), India. Our members are spread across three teams which include our writers and graphic designers, event coordinators, and social media managers. We also have a Senior Editor, two Directors in charge of Social Media and Marketing, an Events Director, and of course, our Campus Correspondent as part of our Editorial Board.


How many articles do you publish each week?

Every week we publish 5 articles on our blog. As a writer, I contribute an article every other week. We work on a rotational basis which allows each member a week’s gap to refuel their creative tank!


What social issues are important to your chapter?

We are passionate about several issues and we try to address them through our articles as well as our social media posts. We have published pieces on topics ranging from feminism and the representation of the queer community to mental health stigma and environmentalism. Our articles also cover issues that are specifically relevant to our own campus and country such as the New Education Policy and the Citizenship Amendment Act.


What events have you run this year that you are most proud of?

This year we organized several events online. One that was particularly special for us was our Artists Takeover Week wherein we invited musicians to showcase their talent on our Instagram Live. All the budding singers got an opportunity to talk about their musical journey and we were able to attend a concert from the comfort of our homes! For our Events Director, Divija Gupta, the body positivity session with the CEO of an inclusive shape-wear brand was also “extremely special.” We discussed the need for a shift in people’s perceptions about beauty and the importance of inclusivity in the fashion industry. By the end of that Instagram Live session, each one of us felt empowered and ready to take on the world!


What kind of books, music, TV shows do your members enjoy?

We like to stay updated when it comes to pop culture and we have diverse tastes in books, movies, and TV shows. Whether it’s crime thrillers like Peaky Blinders and Sherlock or dystopian novels like 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale or even Korean dramas, we watch it all. Chances are, if you mention a particular book or movie, you will find at least one member who would love to talk to you about it. As Indians, we also love our dose of Bollywood movies. Our recommendations? Critically acclaimed, Is Love Enough? Sir and comically relatable Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. As for music, we have our own Spotify playlists specially curated by our chapter members for every mood!


How does your college work?

There are over 60 undergraduate colleges in all of Delhi University and almost 20 in the South Campus alone. The University offers several subjects that you can choose from while joining college. A student is required to pick their course or major before they join. While in college they can choose other elective subjects that they want to study. At the end of a three-year course, the student receives an undergraduate degree from the university. Societies form a big part of our college culture and all students are expected to join at least one club. Theatre, dance, creative writing, and entrepreneurship are just some of the avenues that one can explore. Due to the global pandemic, we are functioning online and attending classes from home at the moment.


Share your most favorite memory during your tenure at Her Campus.

Working at Her Campus Delhi South has been an exciting journey for every one of our members. When asked about her favorite memory from her tenure at HC, our Senior Editor Ameera Batra recalled the day she took over this post. Her predecessor told her “You will be great in your own way.” This one line has stayed with Ameera till date. She went on to explain, “This might seem small but for me, it was the day I realized what Her Campus was all about. It was a space that empowered young minds to find themselves. To discover what made them unique, and to be proud of who they were. It was a space that taught me that my individuality was my greatest strength and today, as Senior Editor, I only wish my team learns the same from me.”

Mehak Pasricha, the Deputy Director of our Social Media and Marketing Team said it was “when all my hard work finally paid off and I got the chance to be the Deputy Director.” Sharanya Verma, Director of Social Media and Marketing felt similarly.  Sharanya says, “My favorite memory is not just of this achievement but of the people that came with it. Our first Editorial Board meeting was when I met almost all the board members for the first time. I get to work with such amazing people and they inspire me every day.” Sharanya has merely put into words what we feel as a chapter every time we work together.

As someone who joined the team during quarantine, I have never even met any of the chapter members in real life. Yet, even online, HC Delhi South has managed to create a sense of community where we all encourage each other to be better not only in what we do but in what we are.

Snigdha's articles are better than her bios. An English major, reading and writing play a pivotal role in her life. On a bad day, you can count on her to make it better with poetry, a playlist and a steaming hot bowl of Maggi.    
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