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Valentine’s Day Expectations

What crosses your mind when you walk into a store around the first week of February, and you notice all of the cute heart-shaped balloons, gigantic stuffed animals, and cards that say sweet nothings? Do you tend to cringe, and quickly think of how lonely you will be on Valentine’s Day, or is this the reminder that you needed, so you do not forget to plan something special for your partner? Although Valentine’s Day is big business ($$$), we often times put unnecessary pressure on ourselves and on our significant other to make this day be extraordinary – half of the time, the fairytale ending does not go as planned. Single, or otherwise, do not depend on someone else to make your Valentine’s Day special. Having big expectations can lead to big disappointments.

Regardless of what gender you are, both men and women want to feel appreciated and be recognized. If you have a partner, or a significant other, try not to create undue stress, pressure, or have unrealistic expectations. Have open lines of communication about how you want to spend the day with each other. If you are single, do something for yourself; spend the day with your friends, get a massage, go shopping, or binge watch a Netflix series and eat your favorite meal.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday that is designed to make you spend money on unnecessary items. Half of the gifts that you receive probably end up in a box and stuffed away in a closet. Know that Valentine’s Day is not the only day that you should expect, or be shown love and attention. For the single people, continue to show yourself love and do not be afraid to do things alone.

Denae Holmes

Brenau '19

I am a Business major on the HC Brenau Writing Team.
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