Seven Days of Sheet Masks

Korean skin-care has recently been gaining popularity in the United States. Korean skincare products are coveted for their use of natural ingredients, to help protect and strengthen the skins natural barrier, restoring the skins pH level to combat acne, oiliness, dryness, aging, and other skin care concerns. Many K- beauty enthusiasts promote the use of the 10 step system to support truly healthy and bouncy skin. This method includes the following steps: oil-base cleanser, foam cleanser, exfoliating product, toner, essence, serum, sheet masks, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Recently, even CVS has embraced the widespread influence of Korean skincare and has introduced a variety of new beauty products created by popular Korean beauty companies. After researching the multitude of benefits related to K-beauty, I became interested in testing some Korean beauty products. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to notice an increase in dullness. I also typically notice an increase in acne during the beginning of the school year. To add further, have combination skin, so it tends to be oily in addition to requiring additional moisture. Going into the test, I hope to gain to more control over my own skin.

I typically have a very low maintenance skin care routine, so the prospect of ten steps was daunting to me at first. Instead of adding six products to my routine, I decided to start of with something a bit more simple: sheet masks! With the addition of K-beauty products at CVS, I began my search for sheet masks at my local store. There I stumbled upon the 7-day skin set of sheet masks by Ariul.  This set includes seven masks each with different sets of natural ingredients to target unique skin care issues. I tried each of these masks each night. I then followed the mask with moisturizer and an acne spot treatment (when needed). To ensure my skin fully absorbed the nutrients within each mask, after sitting with it for twenty minutes, I would use the excess mask juice as an additional hydrating essence. ​ The first mask in the set is the green tea mask. Green tea is beneficial for the skin as it’s caffeine enhances skins natural softness and regulates sebum production (decreasing excess oil). When I first opened the green tea mask, I was amazed by its incredible smell. Unlike many oil decreasing products I had previously tried, it didn’t smell like harsh chemicals. I sat with the mask for twenty minutes and when I finally removed it, I found that my skin felt extra soft and appeared “dewy” as online supporters had suggested. The green tea mask is followed by the pomegranate mask and the bamboo water mask. Pomegranate is recognized for increasing the skin's radiance. Similarly to the green tea mask, the pomegranate mask left my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Bamboo water is thought to reduce dark spots and wrinkles. Although I don’t have many wrinkles at the moment, my skin tends to have some dark spots due to past acne. The bamboo water felt very hydrating as well. However, I found that my dark spots wouldn’t dramatically decrease after one use. The day four mask is tea tree based, and the day five mask is aloe. The day four mask was by far my favorite. I really enjoyed the smell of the tea tree oil, and I felt that the acne I had that day decreased in discomfort and appearance after only the use of the sheet mask. For day six, I used the avocado mask. The avocado mask felt extra moisturizing. On this day, I also noticed that my pores seemed smaller than they had been at the beginning of the week. Last, but definitely not least, was the lemon mask. The lemon is intended to brighten skin and decrease acne redness. It worked well as the conclusion to the week as it made my skin appear shinier and helped finalize the moisturized feel. 

Following my use of the seven masks, I noticed that my skin was more consistently soft, and even if I chose to use makeup during the day, the makeup would apply smoothly, as a result of the increased softness. My skin would still feel hydrated till mid-day. I’m incredibly pleased with the benefits of these masks, and I look forward to testing out other k-beauty products. I hope to add nutrients from the masks, such as tea tree oil and green tea ( two of my favorite ingredients), in my everyday skincare routine.