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Michael Frederikse ’15

Year: 2015

Hometown: Maplewood, NJ

Major(s)/minor(s): Physics Major with minors in Math and Politics

Her Campus: What initially attracted you to Brandeis?

Michael Frederikse: I was really looking for a collaborative physics department, so many groups are just too cut-throat for what I wanted.

HC: What activities are you involved in at Brandeis?

MF: I’m a brother of Alpha Delta Phi, I’m part of Boris’ Kitchen Sketch Comedy, I TA for the intro physics classes, I play a few instruments and MC a show/performance from time to time, and I also do a lot of work with the Brandeis Office of Prevention Services.

HC: What’s something about you that most people wouldn’t expect?

MF: No offense to my friends, but I’m closer with my younger sister than anyone else in the world.

HC: If you could live life as a part of any TV show universe, where would you live and why?

MF: Futurama–literally every problem has a solution. I’d live at Omicron Persei 8…because I could still watch 21st century TV.

HC: What’s your most embarrassing Brandeis memory?

MF: Hands down the after party of my first Boris’ Kitchen show. Definitely learned a lesson or two on my limits that night. (Come find me for the non-publishable details)

HC: Best Brandeis memory?

MF: My recent Boris’ Kitchen show actually! There’s nothing like looking at all of your friends crying in laughter at the end of show, knowing that you killed it on stage.

HC: What part of senior week are you looking forward to the most?

MF: The beach-day events. All of the ADPhi seniors and I have a few plans.

HC: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

MF: Astronaut. Definitely. Who wouldn’t want to do that??

HC: What are your plans post-grad?

MF: Hopefully, I’ll get a few jobs within the Department of Energy doing some physics and policy research.

HC: Where do you think you will be in five years?

MF: Hopefully I’ll be out of grad school and will be able to get a job involving social policy and advanced physics.

HC: What is one piece of advice you have for incoming Brandeis students?

MF: For the next four years, accept caffeine as your god and savior

HC: How have you changed the most in your 4 years here?

MF: I’m a waaaay better dancer than I was freshman year.

HC: What is something you always wanted to do here, but didn’t get the chance to?

MF: I’ve always wanted to have a few drinks with a professor. Maybe after my thesis…?

Fast Facts!

Single or Taken: Single

Celebrity crush: Emma Stone

Spirit animal: A Golden Retriever Puppy

Personal motto: Go hard, or go home.

Favorite song: Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Favorite vacation spot: Any place that serves drinks in a coconut while I’m on a beach.

Favorite Brandeis tradition: Springfest for sure

Favorite class at Brandies: Intro to Political Theory with Jeffery Lenowitz. He’s definitely the professor who got me interested in using my physics major to do social policy work.

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