Larry and Perry Yu '15

Hometown: Cresskill, New Jersey
Larry Yu: Business and Computer Science
Perry Yu: Business and Computer Science

Her Campus: Did each other’s college acceptances influence your college decisions?
Larry Yu: No didn’t think much of it. We weren’t planning on going to the same school. We actually went to different high schools.
Perry Yu: We wanted to go far from home so we weren’t even going to apply to any schools in Massachusetts, but our parents wanted us to apply to one school in the area. One of our family friends went here and did well, so we applied here. Larry was originally going to Cali and I was going to Miami.
Larry Yu: Then we found out we got into Brandeis.

HC: What are you involved with on campus?
LY: We focus most of our extra time on growing our business (DigitizeMyBusiness), but we’re both members of Zeta Beta Tau. Last year we were asked by our friend on Brandeis Asian American Students Association to model for their annual SKIN fashion show. I also tried out ballroom dancing this year.

HC: Tell me more about your business!
LY: It’s a web design and Internet marketing company. We help businesses and individuals create effective websites and promote themselves online.
PY: We actually did several “businesses” growing up. In high school, we used to buy and sell sneakers to collectors, sell custom artwork, and some other ventures. Then there was a time period where we needed to make some more consistent cash flow, so we did some odd jobs like selling knives, caddying, construction, and doing stuff that required a lot of our time. It was a good lesson because we realized that we wanted to do something that would be a better leverage for our time. Around that time, Larry, being the pioneer that he is, started selling products online. We sold a whole bunch of stuff, like hammocks, night vision goggles, books. We made relatively more money with this, but nothing that consistent.
LY: We developed some good skills during that time, like direct response marketing, web design, and writing sales copy. We wanted to create something more solid, instead of setting up all these separate unrelated websites and ecommerce stores. So we decided to start helping business owners get online and market online and have been doing that since. Been a little over a year now.
PY: The great thing about running a service business is that you get to interact and connect with so many different types of business owners. Over the past year we’ve developed some great relationships with some very awesome people. Several of them have turned into joint ventures. We also have some more big picture ideas we want to pursue in the next couple years, so keep a watch for us ;)

HC: Have you two ever done switcharoos?
PY: We get asked that a lot, but we never did them.
LY: Well, we did once. We switched classes in elementary school but this girl ratted us out so it left a bad taste.

HC: Do you get annoyed when people call you by each other’s names?
PY & LY: Not at all.
LY: Although we do like to think we’re different people (laughs)

HC: How can people tell you apart?
LY: My ears are pierced.
PY: That’s usually the best way to tell us apart.

HC: Have you ever experienced twin telepathy?
LY: We’ve had the same exact dream once.

HC: Relationship status?
PY: I’m single.
LY: I have a girlfriend. The way I met her was that I worked at a kiosk in the mall and she worked at Abercrombie. She used to always open up the store in the morning and I was always there early too. So I said “hello”.
PY: It was like a Nicholas Sparks story (laughs).
LY: We actually went to the same high school, but we never talked before that. We hung out with different people. One time Perry was supposed to pick me up late at night, but he didn’t pull through. She had finished up a late shift as well and offered me a ride home. After that 20-minute ride, we knew there was something there.

HC: What’s your ideal date?
PY: Something spontaneous and adventurous.
LY: Yeah, maybe we discover something together. I really like trying new things and it’s just more fun with someone else.
PY: There’s no such thing as a “perfect” date. I think as long as you’re doing something new and the vibe is fun, then its good.
LY: Sometimes you want to do low key things like watch movies. I love movies. Watching a new one is like discovering something new. Sometimes I want to do something out there, like say ride a helicopter or go to mountain creek.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?
LY: Pretty, but she needs to be confident in herself and she needs to be a little independent. I like somebody who has her own thing going on and is cool with me just being on my grind. If you’re not on my wavelength, we can’t be compatible. Somebody who lets me do me.
PY: Yea same. She also needs to be fun, positive minded, and a genuinely good person. Perfect girl would be Sloan from Entourage.


LY: Inception
PY: James Cameron’s Avatar

LY: No Such Thing by John Mayer
PY: It’s tough to say. I’m listening to a lot of House and Indie Rock these days.

PY: The Four Hour Workweek and The Power of Now
LY: The Alchemist

LY: Anything. I don’t like olives and beets.
PY: Mickey D’s, number 2 combo. No, my favorite is Szechuan food.

Guilty Pleasure:
LY: The TV show Avatar Legend of Korra.
PY: Manga