Emma Kraft '16

Major and Minors: Undeclared (Thinking about Sociology Major and Social Justice Social Policy and Womens and Gender Studies Minors)

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Congrats on being appointed president of SEA (Students for Environmental Action)! Can you tell us what responsibilities your role entails?

Thank you! I lead the meetings, work with the rest of the board to plan events, I stay in contact with other environmental efforts on campus, and just make sure that the club is running well! 
What are some upcoming events SEA will be sponsoring this semester? 
We are still in the process of planning but some ideas include: hiking trips, a coffee house, Earth week, area clean ups, trips to Waltham Fields Community Farms, and more! We also are always working on different initiatives to try and make change in the community but, everyone should come to meetings to really get the scoop... 
What eco-friendly changes would you like to see Brandeis make?
I would love to see some of the lights turned off in the library when it is closed, more dual-flush toilets, composting availability in dorms and all buildings, more local and fair-trade food availability on campus, solar panels on more buildings, LED lights in buildings, green roofs on buildings... I could go on for hours. 
You are also on the Senate sustainability committee. What are some of the of your goals for this semester?
The Senate sustainability committee is fairly new and we are just getting started figuring out what we want to do however, we are really excited to bring all of the environmental efforts of the Brandeis community together and try to make lasting and important change to our campus!
What advice do you have for Brandeis students on how they can make their daily routines more eco-friendly?
Unplug your chargers (and everything..) when you aren't using them, turn the lights off in the bathroom or your room when you aren't using it, buy a reusable water bottle and coffee cup.
Are you thinking of studying abroad next year?
Yes, I really want to go to Argentina!
Argentina! That's awesome. What made you want to study there? 
I have been in Spanish for many years and there is an awesome Human Rights and Social Movements program that I want to go on. The country is supposed to be beautiful and it would be an awesome opportunity to experience the culture and learn a ton!
What is your favorite thing about Brandeis?
The people and community! I love everyone here and feel like Brandeis is the most supportive community. People here are so passionate, friendly, and caring...it's the best.