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Love and Beauty: A Collection of Poems by Claire Smith

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This collection of three poems is inspired by learning to love yourself – your physical and nonphysical self. It’s a journey that I am still on. I challenged myself by writing about this topic, writing about something that scares me to think about, but I challenge all of you, the readers, to read these poems know that they are for you because you are love and you are beauty.

Learning Self-Love is like Driving a Car


you have to get over the

fear of it. You have to believe that

it won’t be that hard.


you practice. You

look in the mirror, fasten your seatbelt, and


Like parallel parking, it’s impossible

at first.


you will need support, someone who

knows what they’re doing

in your passenger seat.


you have the practice, you

take the test.

If you pass, you may still slip up;

that’s okay–fix it and move on.

If you fail, you practice some more and

do it again.

No one is perfect, but that’s the joy of it.

You see your flaws and believe that

you are more than them.

Me and Myself in Couplets

After 21 years,

I often still think

Who am I?

Who do I want to be?

I want to be love and

I want to be beauty.

I am learning that

I contain both of those things.

I am the love.

I am the beauty.

I just have to find them and

show them to the rest of the world.


I am earthly,

but my worth? my power? my energy?–

is of another world.

I have the power

to move mountains,

to empty seas,

to blow over forests.

My body may be earthly,

but my worth, my power, my energy

is ethereal.

claire smith

Bowling Green '24

Claire Smith (she/they) is an English major and creative writing minor at Bowling Green State University. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and cuddling with her pets, Pippy and Jelly Bean.