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5 Ways to Make Someone Feel Loved in February

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

Happy Month of Love! While this is one of my favorite months of the year, I can see the dread
that some people feel for it. Spending money on candy or cards can be expensive and what if
you’re single? However, you don’t have to have a date on Valentine’s Day to still enjoy the
holiday. Take the time to spend the holiday with people you love! If you’re struggling to come up
with ideas to show your love this February, here’s some:

Buy them flowers

No matter their gender identity, everyone loves the feeling of being thought of and appreciated. Flowers
are a great way to do this! They can make anyone feel special and can be under $20!

Spend quality time with them – plan an activity

There is no better way to show someone that you care about them than by spending quality time
with them. It can be something such as going bowling or going out to a nice dinner. However, if
you’re looking to save money, there are plenty of inexpensive options! Going on a hike, having a
movie night or even making a blanket fort. All of these are great options for giving someone
your time and making them feel loved!

Create a care package with their favorite things

Creating a care package for someone that is filled with their favorite things is the perfect way to
show someone that you care about them! Filling the package with a candle, a face mask, ] some
decor for their space and so much more is a super easy way to give someone a gift without
spending a ton of money. Shopping somewhere like TJMaxx, Target or Amazon are the perfect
places to shop for gifts like these! If you’re feeling super creative, you could even create a
“theme” for the box such as a “self-care” or “Movie” night. Setting them will make the shopping
process a lot easier. Buying 3-5 things for the care package will make them feel loved and
depending on what you choose, it will cost under $50.

Cook them dinner

Whoever said that food is the way to someone’s heart was absolutely right. Cooking someone
dinner will not only make them feel loved but will also not break your bank! Whether it be your
favorite dish, their favorite dish or just something you found online, taking the time to make
someone feel happy and loved will never go to waste!

Simply say – “i love you”

Now, this probably sounds cheesy, I know. But telling someone that you love them is the cheapest
and most effective strategy in the book. It is also the one most often overlooked. Telling someone
that you love them and giving them a hug will surely make them feel special.

Overall, February is one of the best month’s because it allows us to show everyone around us
that we love them. Whether it be using the strategies listed here or coming up with some of your
own, both are important in showcasing your love for the people in your life. However, it is
important during this season to remember to save some of that love for yourself.

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Madison Atkinson

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Hi! My name is Madison. I am a junior at Bowling Green State University majoring in Criminal Justice with a specialization in forensic investigations. I have a huge passion for true crime and I love helping people. This is my first semester as a HerCampus writer and I am having so much fun already!