Campus Cutie: Ben Hollingsworth

Course and year: Leisure Marketing, second year

Hometown: Chislehurst

Relationship Status: Single

Do you have a nickname? When I was younger I was called Mini-Ben due to my smaller stature

How would your friends describe you? Comical, annoying, brilliant and modest…

Where are we likely to find you? I seem to be spending most of my days at uni this year, but outside of that perhaps at the gym

What has been your favourite moment of uni so far? Tough one, erm… gotta be freshers week

What type of girl do you go for? Anyone resembling Jennifer Anniston, she is perfection.

Ok, so what do you look for in a girl? I guess a nice person and someone who is easy to relax with

What would be your ideal date? Nice weather, scenic location, good food, good company and maybe a movie to watch towards the end

What is your favourite restaurant in Bournemouth? Crab opposite the BIC

What is your drink of choice? Soft drink has to be Dr Pepper or pineapple juice and alcoholic beverage is Southern Comfort

Give us your best chat up line! You’ll do

What are your plans once you graduate? Get a well paid job and travel the world some more

What do you have to offer the ladies of Bournemouth? A well groomed beard and a nice back apparently…

Are you a boobs, legs or bum man? Bum