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6 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

1. Treat yourself

What is the best part about being single on Valentine’s Day? While you may have hundreds of answers to this one, my definite answer is that you won’t spend your entire student loan on presents. But if you want to spend it anyway, go for it and make sure you treat yourself! You can get discounted massage packs for £20 instead of £50 at the London Beauty Houseor even go for a relaxing two-night spa break. In the closed spa room of a hotel, you can be sure no couple will be annoying you.

2. Spend time with your (preferably single) friends

Girls have always known that we have the best fun when on girly nights out. Whether you get all soppy over your ex-boyfriends, have a chick flick marathon or get absolutely smashed (or all at the same time), you’re always better off with the real loves of your life: your best friends.

3. Drink away your sorrows

There are all sorts of places to go out to with single friends on Valentine’s Day! Within Bournemouth’s town centre, you have the choice between Therapy’s Love Affaire at Lola Lo, Lollipop at the Old Fire Station or Project X at Halo. The Winchester is also hosting a “2-hour-old school set,” which sounds very promising, with funky house and club classics. In the end, no matter where you are going, this is the easiest way to either forget about your guy-related problems or find a stranger’s shoulder to cry a river on.

4. Volunteer

If you have too much love to give and not enough people to take it, or at least not the right people, why not try volunteering? You’re complaining about your nonexistant love life, but mate, bear in mind it could always be worse! At least you’re sleeping under a roof and are going to get a nice warm dinner tonight. Find a soup kitchen in your area and spend some time there, helping other people. And you never know, you might fall for that kind-hearted cutie volunteering alongside you!

5. Meet someone

Even though we don’t want to admit it, Valentine’s Day can be a pretty hard day for those of us who are unhappy about being single. But who said there were only couples or singles on Feb. 14th? Don’t worry, the world didn’t stop, and single people are particularly inclined to meet new faces that day. You can go ice skating in town and play the classical I-didn’t-see-I-was-falling-on-you trick. Or you could go for a coffee with that fittie you matched with on Tinder.

6. Have a movie night

Why would you spend time with an average guy when you can have the whole night with your celebrity crush? I would personally advise Leonardo DiCaprio — in addition to being handsome, he is also one of the best actors Hollywood has to offer. Start with Titanic for a reminder of what you won’t have to go through anytime soon, and then carry on with the classic Romeo + Juliet. Still sad about being single after all of these tears and deaths? If you don’t fall asleep anytime after these movies, carry on with the more cynical Blood Diamond, Shutter Island or Django Unchained. George Clooney is an option to consider as well. Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part of it: Nobody will judge you while you finish that pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream whilst all snuggled up on the couch.

Anna is a first-year Multimedia Journalism student at Bournemouth University. She is the editor-in-chief of The Student Eye.
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