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Campus Cutie: Brendon Smith

I have to admit—the first time I met this guy, I probably did the most obnoxious double-take in history. Not even kidding.

When I got to know him a little better though, I found out he is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. The adorable smile is an added bonus. Too bad he’s not single… sorry ladies.

Although a biomechanics major, Brendon is also a very talented graphic designer. Other fun facts: he puts salt in his Coronas (is that normal?), works at Jimmy John’s (subs so fast you’ll freak!!!) and does a killer impression of Robin Thicke in Blurred Lines.

Her Campus Boise State: Age?

Brendon Smith: 23.

HC: Major?

BS: Biomechanics– subject to change, though.

HC: Favorite season?

BS: Summer– because I have more free time and I can take my shirt off whenever I want!

HC: Favorite holiday?

BS: Thanksgiving! You’re surrounded by family having a hearty dinner. You don’t have the interruption of gifts, either. Its genuine family time, not surrounded by material things.

HC: Favorite comfort food?

BS: Cereal. Any cereal.

HC: Favorite beer?

BS: Corona! It tastes amazing with lime and salt. It makes me feel like it’s summertime. 

HC: Describe your dream date.

BS: A spontaneous adventure. I want to see something memorable or undiscovered that makes me think, “Holy cow, I’ve never seen this before!”

HC: Thing most people don’t know about you?

BS: I’m secretly an artist!

HC: Favorite fall activity?

BS: Some kind of casual setting or activity that involves getting all bundled up in warm clothing and having some hot cider and kettle corn.  

HC: If you were to get a tattoo tomorrow (assuming you don’t have one already?), what would it be?

BS: A Bible verse that really relates to me personally. 

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Katie Meikle, also known as Meeks, Meikle or Pumpkin, is a junior and transfer student from Tufts University in Boston, currently studying health sciences at Boise State. Although a Boise native, Katie spent her entire high school career overseas, split between Japan and Taiwan. Katie's writing interests include fashion, healthy eating, mixology, and campus cuties... of course! She loves the great outdoors, traveling, her two dogs, Lexi and Hobbs, days at the beach, walks on sunny days, and her mom's cooking. Favorite quote: don't be a drag, just be a queen.
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