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21 Questions with Alex Nunes

This week’s Campus Cutie was, and I quote, “honored” by the designation. Aww, Alex… the pleasure is all ours!

Here you have it, collegiettes: Alex answered twenty-one questions we thought YOU should know about this Campus Super Cutie. 

1. HC Boise State: What is your age, year, and major?

Alex Nunes: I’m 21 years old. I’m a senior Comm and PR major.

2. HC: Alex, tell us a little about yourself. What are your favorite hobbies?

AN: I’m pretty active. I play soccer, volleyball, rugby… I also snowboard and wakeboard. I’m super excited for ski/snowboarding season this year.

3. HC: Where’s your favorite place to snowboard around here?

AN: I actually haven’t boarded around here much… I’m from California. Bear Valley is where it’s at.

4. HC: Describe yourself in one word!

AN: Authentic.

5. HC: I know we said one word but… tell us a little more about that. For the fans.

AN: Well, studying communication, I often analyze words. I’m a literature person. To me the word “authentic” means being yourself and being someone of general good character, having morals and values and things like that. That’s how I was raised: to be culturally aware.

6. HC: What do you want the Boise State ladies to know about you?

AN: Well, when I’m with someone or talking to them or interested in them, that’s the person I want to be with. I don’t get distracted. I don’t get involved with multiple girls at the same time. I’m a big advocate of relationships.

7. HC: Speaking of relationships… relationship status?

AN: I had a feeling you would ask me that! Yes, I guess in the literal sense I am single but… there is only one person on my mind right now.

8. HC: Fair enough! What kind of music do you like?

AN: The generic answer is “I like a little of everything…” But, I also like a lot of classic rock like the Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Tom Petty.

9. HC: Favorite movie? 

AN: Dang that’s a tough question! The Departed is one of my all-time favorites. I’m also a big Lord of the Rings nerd.

10. HC: How did you feel about the Hobbit?

AN: I liked it a lot! I want to see the second one. Also there is this movie by a British director called Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It’s a hidden gem on Netflix, definitely check it out. 

11. HC: Celebrity crush? Don’t say Natalie Portman…

AN: Ha! Nah, Mila Kunis all the way. I bet everyone says that though. Also Anna Kendrick, she is adorable!

12. HC: Pet peeves?

AN: Hmm… I guess if you can’t take a joke. It’s a pet peeve of mine if people are sarcastic but not able to take sarcasm in return, you know?

13. HC: Guilty pleasures?

AN: Oh no.

HC: Oh yes.

AN: Okay… I guess maybe singing when no one else is around. In the shower, in the car, ya know.

14. HC: Drink of choice?

AN: Adult beverage? Whiskey. If I were to be more specific I’d say Jack Daniels or Jameson, straight.

15. HC: Any nicknames?

AN: My last name is Nunes, so people calls me “Noonz”. It just kind of stuck.

16. HC: What does your tattoo mean? (Alex has several… but one in particular stood out.)

AN: This one on my arm says “all for one and one for all” in French. My sister, my best friend and I all have it. It’s like a Three Musketeers thing. 

*Lightning Round*

17. HC: Call or text?

AN: Text, unfortunately… I think that’s bad.

18. HC: Movie in or movie out?

AN: Movie in.

19. HC: Beer or shots?

AN: Shots. Whiskey shots.

20. HC: Boxers or briefs? 

AN: Boxers.

21. HC: Bro night or date night?

AN: Date night.


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