Students Speak Up: What is The Most Important Bro Code/Girl Code Rule?

I went out and asked college students what the golden rule in their chosen gender’s handbook is. Here’s what they had to say…



“Don’t f*** your bro over. They basically all boil down to that.” -John B., 18, Freshman at Bloomsburg University

“Definitely do not have sex with a female your friend just broke up with…once ya homie is talking to a chick, she’s off limits.” -Connor O., 21, Junior at Temple University

“If a bro is drunk and unable to give consent to a woman who’s aggressively approaching, then it is the other bro’s responsibility to be a positive bystander and make sure he is alright.” -Harrison, 20, Sophomore at Bucknell University



“I would say not getting involved with a guy in a relationship, especially not with a friend’s boyfriend.” -Courtney, 18, Freshman at Delaware University

“Never let guys get between a friendship. I feel like that one is so important, and girls break it too often.” -McKayla, 21, Junior at University of Colorado

“Don’t date your friend’s ex. If it was just someone that one of my friends had a thing with like a year ago, or they dated for a few weeks and it didn’t work out, then it’s different. It depends on how serious they were and how long ago it was.” -Miranda, 18, Freshman at Bloomsburg University