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The Return of the ’90s

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

Do you have a time machine handy? If you were part of the 90s generation, it turns out you don’t need one.  This decade intertwined itself with the 2010s in many ways, influencing fashion, entertainment, and children’s toys. So what’s the dealio?

Fashion is constantly changing.  There is talk that some 90s trends could come back into style.  The blogosphere is already buzzing with 90s comebacks.  Four pins, Levis’ blog, posted an article about the topic stating, “The waterwheel is already turning… it’s there in the shadows, lurking, cemented in the subconscious and stored latent in the brain of an undiscovered design student at Antwerp…” (Spagnolo). 

As a child of the 90s, I was blissfully unaware of the fashion world.  However,  what I do remember is watching the “Hammer Time” music video on MTV (back when MTV still showed music videos).  At the 2012 American Music Awards, both M.C. Hammer and rapper Psy danced in “Hammer” pants, demonstrating just how much the ‘90s is still a part of our collective cultural conscious. It wouldn’t surprise me if scrunchies and overalls were modeled on the runway in the coming seasons.

The entertainment business has also been heavily influenced by ‘90s cult favorites.  The most exciting news in television is Disney’s upcoming show “Girl Meets World”, a spinoff of the beloved “Boy Meets World”. I remember watching “Boy Meets World” as a child.  Heck, I still watch reruns in the morning with my roommates.  It will be exciting to see how Cory and Topanga’s daughter navigates through similar situations they did back in the day.

While an exact release date is still to be determined, there is reason for the delay.  According to one blog, Ben Savage, who played Cory in the original series, states, “Everyone associated with the show wanted to make sure that if we were to come back, that we weren’t going to do it in a way that was going to be a disservice to the show… we want to make sure we respect people’s memories of the show,” (Rogers).  With all this to look forward to, how could it possibly get any better?

Now introducing the boy bands and pop stars you already know and love.  That’s right.  The 90s comeback in the music business is already well underway.  In 2011, Backstreet Boys hit the stage with New Kids on the Block.  Justin Timberlake is also making a comeback this year. While it may not be an *NYSNC reunion, I’m sure you’ll agree that he can definitely bring the sexy back anytime he wants.

Then, in 2012, the Spice Girls performed at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics. One year later, Beyoncé pays tribute to Destiny’s Child by getting the girls back together for the Super Bowl performance. 

I think Justin Beiber and One Direction will have some competition to face in the next year.

There will even be a cruise dedicated ‘90s bands.  There will be a Carnival Imagination trip from Miami to the Bahamas, on Oct. 18-21.  The list includes Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Gin Blossoms, Cracker, Spin Doctors, Vertical Horizon, the Verve Pipe, and Marcy Playground, plus Ed Roland of Collective Soul and Ed Kowalczyk of Live,” (Farber ).

Growing up in the 90s, kids had access to the coolest toys.  Some noteworthy toys of the decade include the ever-unforgettable Furby, reintroduced in 2012.  This one probably should have been left in the ‘90s.  On the other hand, Pokémon, introduced to the world in 1996, has grown since its original 150 species to include a variety of card series and video games. Bloomsburg even just announced its own Pokémon club!  Sega also made its mark in 2009 by reintroducing 40 of its games in “Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection” for the PlayStation 3.  This trend of reproducing games for modern technology is something that is sure to increase once business realize the 90s trend is here to stay.

Nostalgia is definitely in the air for 2013. What’s your favorite ‘90s trend, collegiettes?


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