The End of October

The end of October is a time that we look forward to. For some, it’s dressing up for Halloween, going out on Halloweekend, carving pumpkins with your significant other, going to a haunted house with your friends, or for our group at Bloomsburg it means going to a pumpkin patch with your Her Campus girls. Either way, it means Thanksgiving is just a few weeks closer!

The end of October is usually about mid-way through the first semester, and that brings a lot of emotions for college kids. For the freshman, it seems unbelievable. For the seniors, it’s unreal. You’re most likely finished with your mid-terms, so let that be an excuse to relax for a second. And I do mean a second because you don’t want to fall behind.

By the end of October, you’ll (hopefully) have adjusted to your new schedule, classes, and your roommate. You’ll have made new friends, contributed to your clubs and organizations, and found your way around town. And maybe you’ve fallen in love with campus a little more, especially because of the breathtaking sights this season has to offer.

The end of October also has many good eats. You can find a plethora of pumpkin flavored things. A favorite of many is of course the pumpkin spice lattes. Not to mention there’s pumpkin roll, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin ice cream. If you’re not into the pumpkin flavor, you can find just as many things apple flavored. From apple cider to apple dumplings, you won’t go hungry.

The end of October brings a new beginning. Whether you’re the kind to stay in, cuddle up, and watch Halloween movies, or the kind to go out and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold, there’s something for everyone.