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Current Apps I Live By

Instagram: It’s an addiction I’m not giving up!!!!

Boomerang for Instagram: If I could boomerang my whole life I would!!

Twitter: Because it relates to every mood you experience. Feeling sad, happy, need motivation? Twitter’s got you! Plus sometimes celebrities tweet you back.

Afterlight: If you know me, you know I love my photo filters and this app is amazing.

Over: Another one of my photo editing apps that I’m obsessed with

Waze: I am still an apple maps fan, but love the features Waze has: warns you where cops are, construction, standstill traffic

Coursicle: I wish I would’ve found this app Freshman year….tracks classes that are full, waitlisted, etc.

Bandsintown: Keeps me up to date on what concerts are happening near me and lets me track where my favorite artists are going to perform.

Snapchat: Although I’m not the biggest fan of the update, I still consider myself a snapchat queen. I am digging the new “facetime” like feature that allows you to video chat with A LOT (like 16 I think, I may be wrong) of people.

Pinterest: Can’t forget a necessity. I’m convinced all ideas come from Pinterest! It’s a must for outfits, cooking, tips/tricks, you name it Pinterest’s got it.

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