The Thirteen Reasons of Thirteen Reasons Why

WARNING: *Spoilers ahead!!*

How did you feel after finishing the season? Did you hear “Hey. Its me, Hannah.” everytime you hit play? Did you walk around campus and think “I wonder if Alex survived?” Were you sitting in class and thought “Is Tyler planning a school shooting?” Maybe you wondered “What is Tyler doing with all those photos we saw at the end?” Or maybe you’re thinking about another major question, “What products does Tony use on his hair?” If you’ve wondered any of these questions or have been festering over the season, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take this tape by tape.


The Start: Tony

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First off, let’s begin with the simple fact that Tony is extremely attractive (despite his being gay- all girls were secretly fangirling) and that we all need a friend like him. Hannah starts by dropping the tapes off at Tony’s house with instructions for him to follow. She tells him to make sure that these tapes get to all “thirteen reasons” and keep the spare set in safe keeping in case something is to happen to the originals. Tony feels guilty for not running after Hannah after she dropped the tapes on his step. He says that she never rang the doorbell and he thought her presence at that time of day was strange. Nonetheless, the opened the package but by the time he arrived at Hannah’s house to stop her the paramedics were taking the body bag into the ambulance.


Reason One: Justin


Hannah doesn’t know it at the moment they meet but her life will begin to unravel the second she meets Justin. After inviting her to the playground for a cute “night out”, he snaps a pic of her sliding down the slide in a skirt and ends it with a kiss once she gets to the end. Justin shows this picture to his friends (and eventually the whole school) which leads Hannah to gain the title of “slut” at her high school.



Reason Two: Jessica


Let’s just start with my initial thought “Why does this lame, ignorant school administration have to get involved in EVERYTHING THAT NOT IMPORTANT BUT IGNORE EVERYTHING IMPORTANT?!” But quickly after Hannah and Jessica met Alex I thought that maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing. Alex had looked rather depressed (at least that’s what I thought) so he finally had a friend… yay, right? Well, Jessica and Alex started to date behind Hannah’s back (which I’m sure a few of us girls can relate to) and began to distance themselves from Hannah. But as if that wasn’t enough, Alex put Hannah’s name under “Best Ass” on his school superlatives. Needless to say, their friendship comes to an abrupt ending.  

Reason Three: Alex


Alex made Hannah an easy target for a quick hook-up through his “Best ass” remark. She blames him for multiple things including becoming objectified by the many gross guys at Liberty High and the ending of her friendship with Jessica.  

Reason Four: Tyler


Tyler, oh boy. After hearing clicking on her way to school, Tyler captures a picture of Hannah and Courtney hooking up in her bedroom as a part of a truth or dare game.


Reason Five: Courtney

I don’t think it was just me… Did anyone else hate Courtney as much as I did? I would see her after her tape in the various episodes following and couldn’t help to think “You little bitch.” Students at Liberty High slowly begin to figure out that the people in this picture that Tyler took may be Courtney and Hannah and people begin to talk. Courtney, a lesbian who doesn’t want to come out of the closet, lies and says that the girls in the picture are Hannah and “her girlfriend Laura.” But as if that wasn’t a big enough lie, She also adds that Hannah asked to have a three-way. Hannah loses another friend and only feels more alone than ever before.



Reason Six: Marcus

Did anyone else think that Marcus was different? I didn’t think it would be him to be an issue. He asks her out of a date as a result of the Dollar Valentine Quiz but it seems that his intentions were all wrong and just wanted a quick hook up. He sticks his hand up her skirt and after she screams, he storms out with his basketball player friends leaving Hannah alone and in distress.  

Reason Seven: Zach

I really, REALLY wanted to think that Zach was different. He stayed with her at the diner after Marcus tried to pull a quick one. I thought he was sweet and may have actually cared (and maybe he did?) but I’m not too sure that I was right about that. Is he just a stupid, self- conscious, ignorant boy or just plain rude? You tell me. After Hannah finally admits that she needs these kind notes dropped in her mailbox for her communications class, Zach invades her privacy and takes these notes which she so heavily relies on the keep her going. He destroys her confidence until she realizes it’s him stealing her letters and schemes a plan to call him out and write how she really feels.  

Reason Eight: Ryan


After joining a poetry club in hopes to raise her spirits, she begs Ryan to help her with her writing. Ryan steals her poem and publishes it in his school magazine. Hannah’s personal thoughts had now become a laughing stock of the school without her permission or previous knowledge.  

Reason Nine: Sheri

Did Sheri kill Jeff? I guess we’ll never really know for sure. After hitting a stop sign, Sheri ignores Hannah’s recommendation to contact the Police out of fear that someone could get hurt. Rather, Sheri leaves Hannah alone in the road and minutes later their classmate Jeff dies at the intersection leaving Hannah to blame herself for his death.  

Reason Ten: Justin (AGAIN)

Let’s just got to the chase: Justin let Bryce rape Jessica while Hannah was hidden in the closet witnessing everything.


Reason Eleven: Clay

On tape eleven, Hannah confesses her love for Clay and how shes always dreamt of more between them. She says that hes on the list only because she wants him to understand what happened at Jessica’s party. She wants him to understand why she pushed him away during their hook-up and apologizes.  

Reason Twelve: Bryce (F***ing Bryce)

Let’s also keep this short and to the point: after Bryce rapes Hannah, she confesses on the tape that he was the one who broke her soul and made her feel worthless. She says that after this happened was when her thoughts of suicide became more of a reality.  

Reason Thirteen: Mr. (Goddamn) Porter

Hannah reaches out for help from her school’s guidence counselor. Mr. Porter offers little help during her session with him. He gives her little attention and says that maybe her being raped was her fault and she needs to “move on.” His advice is unhelpful and his attention is lacking.

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