Ten Guys You Meet In College: Freshman Year Edition

1. Creepy Library Guy: Please note that he looks like he’s been living in the library for the past 25 years and has greasy hair. You’re a freshman though and it’s your first week of class so you think maybe all college guys look old. Also note: guys don’t all look old and greasy and you should keep a fair distance

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2. The Gay Guy: He may or may not have been attracted to him and then you stalked his facebook or any social media rather and realized his bio included the gay pride flag and welp, you’re hot but not hot enough to make a gay guy go straight

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3. The Infamous “ ‘just a friend’ in your friend group” : He will make out with you as a first kiss and it will not be good or romantic at all and you WILL ditch him within the next two days once you find the courage to break his heart... it happens, its okay. 

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4. Winter Break: the “fousin” (aka. Fake Cousin) at a party who finally realizes you’re 18 (they’re now 27 but they dismiss that). Please note: he may only stare at your tits (issues having eye contact).

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5. The Strange (But not ugly) “Bad Boy” In Sociology: This guy will not hesitate to rub your thigh to get your attention. He also may or may not pull out a giant bag of extra large marshmallows during lecture and casually begin to eat them.

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6. That Hot Guy In Your Upper Level Class who may be 25: Okay, he drives a motorcycle so how old can he possibly be? Maybe 25, but he could pass as 22… you’re 18 so that’s like okay, right? I mean he’s also so well spoken and definitely the kind of guy you’d wanna bring home to Mom and Dad

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7. The guy who saw your picture before you even got to campus and wants to meet you: this guy could be super sweet or super creepy and may or may not drop out of school two weeks after you tell him you're not interested (true story).

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8. That guy you met at some frat you can’t even pronounce: You guys hooked up for a few minutes (...maybe longer) and never saw him again. Hopefully you understand that a hookup works just like this… you make out and then forget it happened.

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9. That guy that wasn’t quite a guy but you weren’t quite sober and it was a girl… well I think there is enough said.

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10. The guy who comes around within the last two weeks of the semester. He’s literally perfect and you have 14 days to prove that you’re the one for him. He gives you the time of day, he sits next to you in class, asks you about your day and then even asks to meet up to study for the final. However, after stalking his instagram on day 12 of knowing him, you quickly realize that this guy has a girlfriend (at least he’s not gay).

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