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What a Single Person Can Do at Bentley on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, folks, and for those of you miserably alone (myself included, minus the miserable part), you know that this isn’t just any ordinary Tuesday for you. You’re going to be blinded by couples on couples, red and pink decorations will cover Seasons (The 921), your RA might even slip a chocolate under your door, and every Snapchat Discover story will be about love and romance. I’m writing to all you lonely boys and girls here today to let you know that you still have V-Day options!

If you’re still hoping to find the one last-minute, hop on TINDER

There you can meet a bunch of other lonely persons of your desired gender. You can meet up and have a romantic Tuesday night dinner at Wendy’s on Main Street or just invite them over for some Netflix & Chill action.

Go eat at Boston Market by yourself

Once I went to Boston Market on Lexington Street on Easter (I don’t celebrate the holiday), and the employees treated me so well because they thought I had no family and no place to go for the holiday. I’m sure the great, supportive customer service carries over to other holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Make cards for Sodexo employees

Those employees working at The 921 most likely have loved ones to get home to, but instead they’re cooking you stir-fry and making you a sandwich at 8:30 PM– so show them some love! Here’s what to do: go to the Student Center and grab some colored paper from the big rolls in The Bubble, cut them into cards, find colored pencils/markers/gel pens (you definitely have a friend who has one of those) and go to town! Bonus points if you have paint, stickers, or glitter. Show some love with heartwarming messages like “you’re the best, and I love you for what you do” or “Happy V-Day.”

Facebook stalk everyone who you’ve ever dated, crushed on, or stared at until you’re determined to download Tinder to get back in the game

This option is a hit or miss; you’ll either come out of it destroyed with sadness or empowered to start fresh.

Read a book…

Because honestly the best way to distract yourself from the love-filled Snapchat Discover stories is to tear yourself away from social media and dive into a story of a made-up world. As Bentley students, I expect you all to have some sort of boring book about finances laying around, but go trek on up to the library and pick out something with a little more pizzazz.

Bake something!

If you have a kitchen, that is. Baking is fun and time consuming, so put on the Lifetime Movie Network and bake four dozen cookies for you and your closest 40 floor-mates.

Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter. 
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