Sorority Recruitment Weekend Recap

Last weekend Bentley had their spring formal sorority recruitment and welcomed 87 members to the Panhellenic community!

Every spring semester, those who are interested in joining one of the four sororities on campus are welcomed to take part in formal recruitment. There are three rounds where potential new members can go to each of the sororities and get to know who they are, what they do, and how they influence the Bentley community.

The first round is usually set up with brief conversations and just getting to know the sorority as a whole. The second round is philanthropy round where potential new members can ask questions about the sorority’s philanthropy and what events they put on throughout the semester.


Alpha Phi: The Alpha Phi Foundation supports advancing leadership development, encouraging academic excellence, improving women’s heart health, supporting sisters in need, and educating on the value of philanthropy.

Gamma Phi Beta: Girls on the Run supports Building Strong Girls to empower and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Building Strong Girls is achieved by providing experiences and resources that build spiritual, mental, and social resiliency in girls.

Kappa Delta: Girl Scouts and Prevent Child Abuse America. The sorority is built on a platform of confidence and strives to make a change through these two organizations.

Phi Sigma Sigma: The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation supports school and college readiness and provides disaster relief through their Twin Ideals Fund.

                                       Allison Weed, Gabrielle Hawley, & Sarah Donlan three of our writers!

The third round is preference round where PNMs can get invited back to one or two sororities and have longer conversations with members to make a final decision on where they think they would fit in the best.

And, finally, bid day arrives, where potential new members receive a bid offering them to join a specific sorority. Take a look at some of the bid day themes below!

                Lindsay Toia and Lily Buhler (above), members of Her Campus found their home last weekend!