Shocking Moments from the Season 13 Winter Premiere of Grey’s Anatomy

1.) Bailey, Robbins, and Wilson go to examine a violent patient on the prison floor of a hospital—who happens to be a pregnant teenage inmate named Kristen.

Shonda, you’ve really done it all.

2.) Kristen attacks the prison doctor, and gets her hands and feet handcuffed to the bed because of it.

You get what you get, girl.

3.) Kristen’s unborn baby has a rare condition called a “cardiac twin,” which is basically sucking all the blood from the baby…

Grey’s Anatomy turned Twilight?

4.) Arizona and Jo have to turn the baby around while inside the womb in order to perform the procedure that will get rid of the cardiac twin.

Let’s all cringe in pain together.

5.) Kristen reveals her seemingly wonderful childhood.

Who would’ve guessed?

6.) Kristen's mom shows up, but only in support of the baby, not her daughter…


7.) Kristen goes into pre-term labor. 

Arizona’s got this.

8.) Wilson tells Kristen that her mom doesn't want to see her.

Pass me the tissues please.

9.) Kristen gives birth, and says goodbye to baby Ellie. 


10.) Dr. Bailey tells Jo and Arizona that Karev decided to take the plea bargain from the DA, and he's going to prison. 

I think I’m gonna be sick.

As always, Shonda Rhimes has left us hanging with our jaws dropped to the ground. ‘Til next time, friends.




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