Ryan Martin and Tim Brodrick (’18)

 This week we have been #blessed with not just one campus cutie, but TWO. Meet dynamic duo Ryan Martin (right) and Tim Brodrick (left.) Roommates, BFFs, partners in crime…it’s rare you see these two NOT together. Read more to get to know Ryan and Tim!

HC: Best Pickup Line?

RM: You look a lot like my next girlfriend.

TB: Are you a camera? Cause I smile every time I look at you.


HC: Can you fit your whole fist in your mouth?

RM: Depends who is asking.

TB: Only on days that end in Y.


HC: Quick Fun Fact?

RM: I named my jeep after a really hot girl I met once.

TB: I’ve eaten PB&Js for lunch everyday since preschool.


HC: Favorite Women’s Fashion?

RM: Uggs and Northface.


HC: Guy and Girl Celeb Crush?

RM: Tim Riggins and Anna Sophia Robb.

TB: Chad Michael Murray and Taylor Swift.


HC: Favorite artist/band?

RM: Thomas Rhett.

TB: Kenny Chesney.


HC: Favorite Movie?

RM: Miracle.

TB: The Great Gatsby.


HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

RM: Poolside with Tom Brady counting his SuperBowl rings.

TB: Sitting on Cisco Beach in Nantucket.


HC: What is your starter pack?

RM: Rubinoff, Fetty Wap, math (in that order.)

TB: Dunkin ice coffee, my parent’s wine, and Sun-In to bleach my hair.


HC: Favorite TV show line?

RM: “Clear eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.”

TB: “Good morning USA.”


HC: What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever unintentionally vomited?

RM: Office hours.

TB: In my ex-girlfriend’s hair.


HC: What’s one thing on your bucket list?

RM: Kissing a girl.

TB: Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.


HC: What’s the most adventurous things you have ever done?

RM: I asked my professor out on a date.

TB: I wore a GAP sweatshirt out in public.


HC: If you were to post a selfie on instagram today, what would the caption be?

TB: I don’t usually do selfies, but I feel pretty today.

RM: Like this for a DM truth is.


HC: What’s your favorite song?

RM: Whatever song that Justin Bieber just came out with.


HC: What’s something most people might not know about you?

RM: I had a fling with one of the Olsen twins in 2012.

TB: I look fat in stripes.


HC: What’s your first move when you see a cute girl?

RM: I walk up to them, pause for a few seconds, stare deep into their eyes, grab their hands, pull them close, and say can you excuse me for a second, my mom’s calling me.


HC: Relationship Status?

RM: Single.

TB: Single.