Natasha Locke '17

Name: Natasha Kasmera Locke

Hometown: South Portland, Maine

Major: Accounting

Graduating Year: 2017

Special Talent: Cooking

Nickname: Natusher

Her Campus Bentley: I heard you’re a transfer student, where did you come from and why did you choose Bentley to transfer to?

Natasha Locke: I came from the University of Maine, Orono. I chose Bentley because I want a job when I grow up and my sister, Olivia, went to school here and got a job.

HCB: You’re pretty unknown on campus as Natasha, but many Bentley students probably know of you as the girl who dresses up as a dog on the weekends. If you could be any dog, which dog would be you be, and why?

NL:  No one knows me as a dog because when I pretend to be a dog no one knows it’s me. Next question.

HCB: In high school, what clique were you a part of? If you didn’t fall under any clique, which one did you want to be in?

NL: In high school I was in the popular group. I was the most popular girl in my high school. To be honest though I would have rather been in the nerdy group with my high school boyfriend (Guthrie Dyer) and his buddy (Andrew MacGillivray) (both Bentley students) because I’m very “down to earth” at heart.

HCB: What’s the most embarrassing student-teacher interaction you’ve ever had?

NL: I hate when I accidentally call a teacher mom or dad. Hasn’t happened to me in college though.

HCB: What flavor fluoride treatment do you usually get at the dentist?

NL: I got grape last.

HCB: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

NL: Playing capture the flag on the playground during recess.

HCB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

NL: Ok I am at a bank and there is a robbery. I find myself driving through Boston with a man in a mask. We go to Texas. I go to the Pats/Dallas game. I marry Tom. I leave and steal the balls. I deflated the balls. I spend seven years low profile in California landing foot modeling gigs. The camera catches a shot of my face. I’m busted. I was the robber. I kill Tom. I end up a middle school math teacher with three children (2 boys one girl). We become best friends. Whose sons are they? Tom’s. Jackpot.

HCB: Tell me the Who, What, Where, When, and How of your PERFECT date.

NL: My perfect date is with my dad. We go snowboarding and tuck it down the slopes. Then we take a flight to Key West, Florida and slurp oysters on the half shell and talk accounting. He tells me we are moving there. He’s buying. Then the rest of my family shows up and my crush and we have bloody mary’s and tear up the town.

HCB: If you had a personal assistant, what would you make them do?

NL: Foot squeezes.

HCB: If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could take one household appliance with you, which would you take and why?

NL: I don’t really need appliances.

HCB: This is your first Spring Day, what do you expect? Are you excited?

NL: I expect to hang out with the Rae Sremmurd boyz. I am not looking forward to the Chainsmokers because those girls singing always complain in their songs… sayyyyyy you’llllll neverrrrr lettt me goooooooooooo…