Marie Ong '21

Get to know Marie!

Marie Ong is a freshman from the small pocket of El Dorado Hills, CA (located in the Greater Sacramento Area of California).  She decided to attend Bentley University because of the school’s prestige as a business school, and her dream of landing a career on Wall Street.  Coming from California, she believed this would be a great start to moving towards her goals, and is already involved in multiple clubs around campus.  She loves to spend time with her friends, listen to music, and put smiles on people’s faces.  If you see her around campus, be sure to say “Hi!”

Her Campus Bentley: Will you be studying abroad?

Marie Ong: I definitely am interested in studying abroad, but I’m not sure where yet

HCB: What is an essential part of your everyday routine?

MO: Taking a shower before I hop into bed

HCB: What is something you can’t live without?

MO: Apple Music


HCB: Coffee or tea?

MO: Tea

HCB: Do you have any quirky likes?

MO: I enjoy taking group shoe pictures when I’m out with my friends (it’s kind of a joke)


Marie’s Favorites!

HCB: What is your favorite dorm decor?

MO: An artificial flower named Petunia that’s tied to my desk

HCB: What is your favorite food?

MO: Pepperoni and pineapple pizza

HCB: What is your favorite classic Disney movie?

MO: Any of the High School Musicals—I used to perform at my elementary school talent show with my older sister singing the Troy and Gabriella duets


HCB: What is your favorite part of Boston?

MO: Quincy Market

HCB: Favorite artist?

MO: Lostboycrow or Zara Larsson

HCB: If you had to pick one meal to get at The 921 for the rest of your time here at Bentley, what would it be?



Let’s Dream Big!

HCB: What is your dream date?

MO: My dream date would be a dream day.  We would hang out and talk about anything over breakfast. Along the way to or from our breakfast, he’d buy flowers for me.  We would go back home, and get ready for the rest of the day.  In the afternoon, we would do something active, such as hiking, or going to an amusement park, or exploring the city. At night, we would do something relaxing—like watch movies or reruns of our favorite TV shows or play games—and hang out. Then, we would go out to a nice dinner and drive somewhere to enjoy the peace of the night. Of course, it’s only a dream—but hey, a girl can dream, right?

HCB: What is your dream job?

MO: Work on Wall Street in NYC