Gifts to Give to Friends Going Abroad

With the holidays right around the corner and the semester quickly coming to a close, it can sometimes be difficult finding the perfect gifts for our friends. Here are some ideas for your friends who are going abroad next semester!


Passport holders:

If your friend is traveling outside of the country for the first time, a great gift to give is a passport holder. You can find some really cute ones at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx that aren’t very expensive. Not only will your friend be happy that they have something to hold their passport in as they travel to different countries, they will also think of you every time they see it!



Buttons in the library:

During finals week, the Bentley library opened up the art gallery so that students could make buttons for some stress relief. Throughout the year, you can also request to use the button making machines so that students can make buttons for campaigns and for clubs and other organizations. You can print out any kind of quote or picture and make them into buttons. Your friend will be able to put them onto backpacks or jackets while they’re studying abroad!

Here is a button that I made for one of my friends going abroad:


Print out some photos from Walgreens or CVS and make them into a collage, put them in a picture frame, or make a photo book for your friend! When they’re abroad, they’ll have photos of you and the rest of their friends from home and college.


Playing Cards:

Another great gift to give is playing cards or another fun card game that is small and is easy to take on-the-go. A card game is great for long plane rides and can help pass the time!


Message in a bottle:

This idea is super thoughtful because you can write your friends notes for when they are abroad and may be homesick. I even printed out funny photos and included them in the note.

Here’s an example:


Favorite candy:

Get your friend something that they can eat on the plane! Their favorite candy or chips is a great option so that they’ll have something to eat other than peanuts and pretzels.



A great gift is finding a book that features things to do in the city that they’re studying abroad in! Whether it’s touristy places to visit, places the locals go, or where to find the best food, your friend will definitely appreciate the suggestions! It is also a great thing to read on the plane.


Neck pillow:

Another great gift for first time travelers. For your friends who don’t often travel, traveling to another country or continent may take a toll on their neck. A gift that they will really appreciate is a neck pillow that you can buy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Kohl’s. When they’re on long flights to other countries, they’ll have a great place to rest their head and won’t have to worry about neck cramps.


No matter what gift you decide to give your friend for the holidays, they’re sure to enjoy it!


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