Getting Back into a Routine for the New Semester

It’s already that time again: school is about to start or has already started, and the seasons are beginning to change. One of the most difficult things about going back to school is adapting to changes and trying to establish a realistic routine that will help you stay productive throughout the semester. Here are some tips to help get you back into a routine.

  • Have a set time to wake up/ go to bed - It is easier to get into a routine if you go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. Though it may be tempting to sleep in late on a day you have later classes, it will affect how tired you are at night and can throw off your schedule for the rest of the week. Having set times for waking up and sleeping will help you maximize your time throughout the day and have a set plan to stay productive. 

  • Get ready almost every day - The days I am most productive are those where I make my bed, put on an outfit I feel good in, do my everyday skincare routine, and touch up my hair and makeup even just a small amount. Doing things in the morning that make you feel put together can help you get things done throughout the day and feel better about doing them. 

  • Set aside times for various tasks throughout the day (class, homework, gym, clubs, etc.) - When a new semester starts it takes some time to get used to when you have class and when the various activities you may be involved in are taking place. When you write out times each day where you have class, clubs, go to the gym, etc. it will be easier to see any free time you have during the day to fit in doing homework, cleaning and organizing, as well as hanging out with friends. 

  • Take time for self-care and don’t neglect yourself from the start - Self-care is important and it comes in many different forms. It may be taking one hour every day to focus on yourself without distractions from the many things going on in your life. It can be doing a face mask and painting your nails once a week while watching Netflix. It can even be going to the gym a few times per week to let out some stress and help you feel stronger. 

  • Don’t start the semester with procrastination - It is easier said than done sometimes to be productive every day and not put off tasks you may not have the motivation to complete. In the long run, you will thank yourself if you put off procrastination instead of putting of schoolwork, laundry, or doing the dishes. Working on things before they are due can help you feel less stressed throughout the semester and will allow you time to do more enjoyable things in your free time and on weekends.