The 10 Worst Words in the English Language

Admit it – there are some words that make you squirm: some words that you can’t bear to hear and when you do, they send a shiver down your spine. Naturally, I decided to compose a list of these words. Can you read through the article without cringing?

1.   Pus/Pustule

ONE OF THE WORST WORDS EVER CREATED. Just thinking about this makes me vomit a little in my mouth. Get out of my mind, stupid word.


2.   Moist

I’m pretty sure this word shows up on every “Words I Hate” list ever created, and for good reason.


3.   Crusty

Ew. Anything that can be referred to as “crusty” is not something I want to be near.


4.   Penetrate

Like Fat Amy said, there are only a few times that the use of this word is acceptable. . . Best not to use it in everyday conversation.


5.   Panties

A surprisingly large number of people are opposed to this word- not sure why? Think of your grandmother’s panties . . . You’re welcome.

6.   Chunk

On its own, “chunk” isn’t a terrible word but when used in the phrase “blowin’ chunks”? Terrible. Also, I would hate to be referred to as “chunky.”


7.   Ooze

Just imagine some sort of liquid oozing from somewhere on your body. Oozing. Slowly.


8.   Crevice

Although it’s not the worst word by far, nothing good comes out of a crevice. It’s not possible.


9.   Secrete

I think the worst sentence in the world would have to be “My crevice secreted pus.” Again, you’re welcome for that image.


And the worst word ever created?


10.                     Monday