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The Stages of Listening to Ed Sheeran’s New Album

The moment you’ve been waiting 3 years for has finallly arrived.  You click on “Eraser” and press play.  You make it to the line “welcome to the new show, guess you know I’ve been away” and then you lose. it. 

Even though you’ve already heard it 200 times, you listen to “Castle On The Hill” again and cry a little bit.  “Dive” comes on next and you swear you’ve never related to a song more in your entire life. 

And, of course, you can’t skip “Shape of You” because it is an absolute JAM.

Halfway through “Perfect” you find yourself sobbing again because DOES THIS KIND OF LOVE EVEN EXIST?! And can Ed Sheran please write songs like this about you?!

The second “Galway Girl” starts, you wipe your tears and pretend what you’re doing is actually Irish dancing.

NEW. MAN. Need I say anything else?!  Sassy Ed Sheeran is back, you guys.  And he’s better than ever.Next, it’s on to “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” and it’s back to the crying-because-I’ll-never-find-true-love stage.

You get serious John Mayer vibes from “What Do I Know?” and swear that it’ll become an instant classic.  After another emotional listening of “How Would You Feel? (Paean),” you unknowingly walk into a death trap that goes by the name of “Supermarket Flowers”.

After a short break to pour yourself another glass of wine, you start back with “Barcelona” and your mind. is. blown.

You throw yourself a dance party through “Bibia Be Ye Ye” and “Nany Mulligan,” cry through “Save Myself,” and then start the whole thing over again.  Why? Because Ed Sheeran is an actual genius.  It doesn’t get better than this.

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A freshman at Belmont University, Sarah Sholar is pursuing her dream to work in the entertainment industry with full force. Born and raised in small-town North Carolina, she is working to make her spot in a big city. Her loves include Taylor Swift, baking, watercolor painting, and attending every concert within a thirty mile radius.
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