Inside The Mind Of A Transfer Student: Landry Chiles


Name: Landry Chiles

Major: Accounting

Year: Sophomore

Year Of Graduation: 2020

Hometown: Brentwood, TN 

What Made You Decide to transfer to Belmont?  

It’s one of the best universities in the south and it’s also located in Nashville, which makes the college experience all the more fun.

Are you happier because you transferred? 

Compared to my other school, UTC, Belmont’s classes are more challenging and the professors are amazing at the subjects that they teach. So yes in a sense, I’m more happy that I transferred, and I believe I’ll be a much better off later in life from graduating at Belmont, versus UTC.

(Landry's Picture of The Solar Eclipse) 

What was the hardest part about transferring? 

The transfer process at Belmont wasn't difficult at all, but the hardest part would have to be entering a new social environment from scratch all over again. Although since the beginning of this semester I’ve made several new friends and have reconnected with old friends as well.

Because you have been to both a public and private college, what are the main differences between the two?

Quantity vs quality. At UTC, my classes were 100-200 students for the more popular general education required credits. At Belmont, there’s a maximum of 25 students in my Microeconomics class. This difference allows and sometimes even promotes sticking around after class to discuss material with the professor that might not have made sense. So in the grand scheme, my grades reflect that I’m understanding the material in my classes better here, than at the public university.

What was the easiest part of transferring? 

Transferring to Belmont was a last minute decision for me, but once I gave my advisors the “Ok, I want to attend”, I met with my college of business advisors and they sat me down and helped build a schedule for me, all of which took place a few days before the first day of class. So the process of admitting to Belmont was smooth, quick, and easy

Advice for transfer students?

Try your hardest to live on campus, unfortunately I’m commuting for about 30-40 minutes every morning and afternoon for my classes. This makes getting to class on time about 200% more stressful, especially when there’s random traffic due to a wreck or whatever it may be. Also by living on campus, it’ll be much easier to attend study groups, whereas if you’re commuting, it feels near to impossible to make it through Nashville traffic at 5:00PM.

In your opinion, were classes harder here (at Belmont) or there (at UTC)?

I believe that when you gauge whether a class is hard or not, what you’re really trying to figure out is whether you have to put more or less time into the material, versus another. And when you have a personal relationship with your professor and are able to visit their office hours, or even meet with them before/after class, it gives you the ability to have a better feel for the material. With that being said, Belmont’s classes are easier since you have better access to the material and the professor.

Do you have advice for students thinking about transferring?

When i was in your position, I basically asked myself one question, “Am I happy here?” and that essentially prompted me to seek out my education somewhere else. And from what I’ve learned from Belmont, it’s a happy place with lots of friendly faces. Don’t be scared to jump ship, it’ll be worth it in the end if it makes you a happier person. 

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