No Shopping Required: The 8 Best Halloween Costumes You Can Find in Your Closet

Sandy from Grease:
What you need: black (opaque please) leggings, black scoop-back or boat-neck shirt, a black belt, black or red pumps, and a leather jacket (optional).  Throw it on, curl your hair, get some great red lipstick, and you’re ready dance the night away!

Flight Stewardess:
What you need: a white shirt (short or long sleeves), navy blue or black knee-length skirt, a scarf, and a pair of pumps.  Tuck the shirt into the skirt, tie the scarf around your neck so it isn’t too long in front, and, if you want, add a nametag with your airline on it.  Happy flying! 


What you need: thick-rimmed glasses, tight jeans, vintage-looking shirt, and old-school style sneakers.  Make sure you do your hair in an “edgy” style. 

What you need: a maxi skirt, t-shirt or tank top, handkerchief, gold jewelry, and sandals.  The more gold jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, belts, anklets, etc.), the better. 

What you need: flared or wide-leg jeans, tie-dye shirts, crochet sweater or vest, and a long necklace.  If you don’t have the tie-dye, paisley works too.  Think That 70’s Show. 

iPod commercial:
What you need: black pants, black long sleeve shirt, and an iPod.  Just dance around like the people on the commercials! 

Dry cleaning:

What you need: any outfit you choose, a clear dry cleaning bag, and a hanger.  Put on the outfit, tape the hanger on you somewhere, and put the plastic cover over yourself.  It’s a creative spin on the ready-to-wear costume you already own.

What you need: cowboy boots, denim shorts or a skirt, a button-up shirt (plaid/flannel works best), and if you have it, a cowboy hat. Classic. Giddy-up! 

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