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Meet Hannah Carroll!

Meet Hannah Carroll, a freshman from Newburyport, MA whose charming personality and love of sports will quickly make her familiar face around campus.

The Basics
Name: Hannah Carroll
Hometown: Newburyport, MA
School/Year: A&S
Major: Undecided but maybe political science

BC Life
Activities/Clubs: Not yet, I just went to activities fair but didn’t technically sign up for anything yet.

Favorite Class so Far: Courage to know…and Biology is interesting.

Biggest adjustment at BC so far: The fact that I don’t have my close group of friends here cause I had a close group of friends at home so it’s weird coming here and not knowing everybody.

Thing you’re looking forward to the most: I guess making new friends. Of course, I want to keep my friends from home but I’m excited to meet new people and there’s lots of opportunity to do that here.

Why you chose BC: I knew about it cause my brother went here and a lot of my family did but I also went to football games and stuff before I applied and I just loved the atmosphere.

Upper or Newton? Upper

Favorite Movie: Walk the Line
Favorite TV Show: Gossip Girl
Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye
Favorite Song: Angel Eyes by Love and Theft
Favorite Sports Team: I like the Bruins and the Patriots and of course the Eagles.

Love Life
Single or taken? Single
Ideal first date: Nothing too exciting maybe just dinner and then a sports game.
Deal Breakers: Smoking
Pet Peeves: When people are just rude or have bad manners

Guilty Pleasure: I’m obsessed with Chelsea Handler
Place you want to visit: Paris
Celeb Crush: It changes all the time but right now Ryan Gosling cause I just watched The Notebook.
Dream Job: Everyone at orientation was saying doctor or wanting to help people but I said professional Irish dancer…so I guess that.


Lauren Ruvo is a sophomore at Boston College who is double majoring is Human Development and Communications. Lauren is originally from Las Vegas and doesn't think she will ever get used to the winters in Boston. Lauren writes for The Heights as well as the Boston College branch of Her Campus. In her free time, Lauren loves shopping, traveling, spending time with friends and family, spin class, and cooking. She is very excited about joining the Her Campus team!
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