Meet the Cuties of Strip Mod 27a!

Meet the cuties of (Strip) Mod 27a, Tyler, Jose, Billy, Peter, Alex, and Brian! These fun-loving gentlemen can be found singing ‘Let It Go’ in their backyard, practicing for Strip Mod (we’re all in for quite a show), and throwing neon paint at friends on Friday nights. Together, this eclectic group participates in the Freshmen League, GLBTQ, UGBC, researching for various causes, Arrupe, Appalachia, and more. They’re cuter than puppies, sweeter than candy, and 4 out of 6 of them are single, so get to reading before they’re taken!

The Basics

Name: Tyler Schaeffer

Hometown: Montclair, NJ

School/Year: CAS 2015

Major: Psych

Single/Taken: Single


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: Arrupe, Appa, Psych Mentoring

Best class: My Capstone on Creativity is going really well so far this semester. Also Behavioral Neuroscience was cool kinda.

Worst class: Chemistry blows.

Bapst or O’Neill: O’Neill. Bapst is way too far away.

Favorite place to eat: Anywhere they have a steak and cheese available.


Biggest pet peeve: When Jose pees sitting down with the door open.

One thing most excited about for senior year: Making responsible and healthy lifestyle decisions to better myself and those around me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most embarrassing moment: I fell out of a party bus once.

Favorite movie: Top Gun

Celeb crush: Emma Watson ! !

Favorite hangout spot on campus: Anywhere Heide isn’t

Ideal date: As long as there are no cell phones, we are outside, and there is sustained conversation, the rest doesn’t matter.

Deal breakers: A lack of self-awareness, an unremarkable sense of personal style, excessive complaining.

Advice to freshmen: Get outside of your comfort zone. It holds you back from really knowing yourself.

Greatest Fear: Jose’s moustache


The Basics

Name: Peter Graham

Hometown: Montclair, NJ

School/Year: A&S 2015

Major: Political Science

Single/Taken: Taken


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: Undergrad Researcher at BC’s Center on Wealth & Philanthropy

Best class: Most definitely Peace or War with Professor Derber. Ever hear of people taking some random elective that happened to change their lives? It’s one of those.

Worst class: 9AM Calculus 1st semester freshman year. Those scars go deep.

Bapst or O’Neill: Bapst

Favorite place to eat: I’m blaspheming my whole freshman existence, but I have to come clean. Mac.


Biggest pet peeve: When someone hits 3 on the Hillside elevator…

Most embarrassing moment: Sleeping through a 6 credit final, though I was lucky enough to get a make-up exam #blessed

Fun fact: Solamente hablaba el español hasta los seis años.

Favorite Quote: “Wash dishes, get money.” – JFK

Celeb crush: Cristiano Ronaldo. I don’t care. ¡Hala Madrid!

Favorite hangout spot on campus: 27A Mod Street

Deal breakers: Voting Republican

Advice to freshmen: Just say “yes.” You’ll never know what you could’ve done, the places you could’ve gone, or the people you could’ve met if you cut yourself off from new experiences. Plus, life’s just more fun that way.


The Basics

Name: Alex Heide

Hometown: Rossmoor, CA

School/Year: CSOM 2015

Major: Economics / Finance

Single/Taken: Taken


BC Life

Best class: Dance lessons for the strip

Worst class: Econometrics

Bapst or O’Neill: O’Neill. Bapst creeps me out, a little too quiet.

Favorite place to eat: Anywhere not on campus.


Biggest pet peeve: The ridiculous amount of pictures everyone takes all the time now

One thing most excited about for senior year: ME!

Fun fact: I’ve gone on 3 cross-country road trips from California to Boston and back

Favorite movie: The Holy Mountain, because it is above criticism.

Dream job: Something where my boss doesn’t pay attention and I play Sporcle all day

Favorite hangout spot on campus: The graveyard

Ideal date: She picks me up in her Rolls Royce, takes me to the taco bell in Everett, and she pays for me to eat like a king. We sojourn for an afternoon of picking pumpkins and finish off the evening with The Notebook.

Advice to freshmen: Just remember that BC is a bubble, and what seems like a big deal now may not matter as much as you think.

The Basics

Name: Brian Wolff

Hometown: Ambler, PA

School/Year: CSOM 2015

Major: Finance

Single/Taken: Single


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: Freshman League Captain

Best class: Corporate Finance with Prof Taillard

Worst class: Calculus freshman year

Bapst or O’Neill: Yellow Room 

Favorite place to eat: On campus: Lower. Pino’s off.


Biggest pet peeve: BC students that wear Notre Dame stuff

One thing most excited about for senior year: Senior Week  

Most embarrassing moment: Forgot a dress-down day in 2nd grade, it was awful.

Fun fact: Used to lifeguard at the beach                               

Favorite movie: Top Gun

Celeb crush: Anna Kendrick

Dream job: Surfboard shaper                                   

Favorite hangout spot on campus: Mod 27A baby!

Ideal date: Dinner near the beach    

Deal breakers: Fall Out Boy 


The Basics

Name:  Jose Estevez

Hometown: Miami, FL

School/Year: CSOM ‘15

Major: Operations Management

Single/Taken: Single


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: GLC, UGBC, Diversity and Inclusion Programming Board

Best class: HIV/AIDS Ethics with Father James Keenan

Worst class: Freshman Writing Seminar

Bapst or O’Neill: Bapst Blue Ribbon on ice, please.

Favorite place to eat: Does pizza leftover at mod parties count?


Biggest pet peeve: Basicness

One thing most excited about for senior year: Senior week while living in the mods!

Most embarrassing moment: When I walked into Mac wearing no pants and The Grinch boxers

Fun fact: I live in a mod

Favorite movie: Across the Universe

Celeb crush: Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer

Dream job: MAs Bouncer

Ideal date:  Something active!

Deal breakers:  Bad breath

Advice to freshmen: Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well.


The Basics

Name: Billy Shyne

Hometown: Panama City, Panama

School/Year: CSOM 2015

Major: Accounting Information Systems

Single/Taken: Single


BC Life

Activities/Clubs: I’m the Vice Chair of the GLBTQ Leadership Council in UGBC and also a UGBC Parent. I love my babies!

Best class: PULSE with Professor Michael Smith. He is the man!

Worst class: Databases… Anyone who has taken it will probably agree.

Bapst or O’Neill: Bapst grad student mezzanine (oops).

Favorite place to eat: I like Eagles Nest, but I usually take my food to the UGBC office or back to the mod.


Biggest pet peeve: People running in to me while they’re texting and BC laundry machines taking my money, but not washing/drying my clothes.

One thing most excited about for senior year: Senior week!

Most embarrassing moment: All of Homecoming. I apologize.

Fun fact: I am the 5th generation of my family to go to BC. You can see my great grandfather’s name up on the walls of the Fulton Room in Gasson.

Celeb crush: Matt Bohmer………………

Favorite hangout spot on campus: When it’s nice out I like to go to our backyard and blast “Let It Go” with some of the guys. Sometimes we’ll get someone in Walsh to sing along or they’ll play another Disney song.


Deal breakers: Inconsistency.

Advice to freshmen: You have so much time to figure things out. Don’t stress! (And don’t troll)

Who is in charge in 27A? Me. Hands down.